Return of the #CATweetbag

Welcome to the first edition of the #CATweetbag.

It's not at all dedicated Alf (let the reader understand), but rather is a chance for me to selfless give back to the Colts community by answering your questions and occasionally making fun of you.

Who wouldn't want to read that?

All questions can be sent to me at twitter or via email. If you want included in the Friday tweetbag, be sure and use the #CATweetbag hash tag.

On to our first question.


A:  If there is a bright side to what the Colts did in free agency (other than the fact that they generally improved their roster), it's that most of contracts can be walked away from quickly. All the players signed could be cut to save cap space next year except Gosder Cherilus ($8 million dead money) or Erik Walden ($4.25 to keep, $4.75 to cut).

Two years from now, Cherilus hits the equilibrium where keeping him and cutting him are worth the same price. Walden becomes completely cuttable.

The Colts spent a lot of money, but they did not make many commitments. Cherilus is the only player they signed that we have reason to believe will have to be on the squad in three years. He was the only real commitment.



A: This is a great question and one I get asked a lot.

Safety is my answer. Maybe it's my affinity for Bob Sanders, but I believe a difference-making safety is the chess piece that can transform a defense. Indy has competent safeties now, but neither LaRon Landry nor Antoine Bethea is a difference maker.  I'd love to see them add a dynamic player to the position.



A: Remember, it's not just about replacing the player, it's also about the contract. Competitive advantage is built on players on the first contract. A team first has to bid so high on the RFA that the original team won't match. Then they give up draft pick to finish the deal.

If it were a straight trade, of course, Cruz is worth a first round pick. But you aren't getting Cruz for rookie money. You are paying a premium contract to him.

That's what teams don't want to do.



A: Mine is different. I would go: WR, Safety, Pass Rusher. I wouldn't take a guard before the third round ever under any circumstances.

I also wouldn't trade down. The odds of getting an elite player shrink drastically as you leave the first round. The Colts don't have many difference makers on the squad. They simply can't afford to move out of the first round.



A: There are a couple of great reasons to compare them. First, Walden did replace Freeney. They are moving Mathis over to Freeney's spot and playing Walden in Mathis's spot. Second, Walden's not a great run defender, like Freeney.

No matter what the Colts say about what they think he can do, they've essentially dropped a potentially elite pass rusher for a player who isn't very good at anything.

There's very little chance the Walden signing works out. The good news is that they can cut him after this year with out taking too big a hurt.



A: I would buy you a monkey. Haven't you always wanted a monkey?



A: In terms of Year One hits, I have to go with Ricky Jean Francois. He only counts $2.3 million on the cap this season. If he's capable at all, that will be money well spent a huge need area.



A: See this just makes me sad. Has Hollywood gone so far that no one can come up with anything original any more?

Didn't we already remake Escape from New York and call it Escape from L.A.?

There are no truth to the rumors that they are going replace the post-apocalyptic wasteland shots with film of the 2012 Jets, nor will Tim Tebow star in the film, though I grant you that I would totally watch if he did.

It's all just a mess as far as I'm concerned.

I mean what's next, a remake of Hoosiers? Hey…