Reggie Wayne and Gillette take on Facial Hair

A smooth operator

Reggie Wayne, despite being the elder statesman of a young football team, is still one of the smoothest receivers in the game. That reputation for smoothness prompted Gillette to ask Reggie for help solving an age-old dilemma: do women prefer to kiss a guy with or without facial hair.

Gillette and Reggie hosted an event in New Orleans as part of the Super Bowl festivities which invited couples to pucker up in an attempt to get to the bottom of this issue:

WHO:                   Pro football player Reggie Wayne will get the sparks flying as he asks local couples to pucker up for a live national social experiment all about the kiss!

WHAT:                 Research shows that people are kissing less than ever and that 1 out of 3 women have avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and signs showing that the kiss may be on the decline, Gillette is asking couples across America to help determine if stubble could be the trouble.

The results of the experiment will be revealed on Valentine's Day. You can view pictures of the event here, follow the event and Reggie's involvement on KissAndTellUs.com or on Facebook.

Todd Smith

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