Happy New Year, Colts Fans!

2012 was a roller coaster for Colts fans. Ending the 2011 season with a 2-14 record, having the entire management fired, and seeing a large portion of the team released, it seemed like Colts fans were in for a miserable 12 months. But the pain would eventually give way to an unbelievable journey, made even more enjoyable by the people – our fellow Colts fans – who experienced it with us.

As we move into this New Year, the Colts Authority Family wants to wish you and your family a happy, healthy 2013. The journey is just beginning for us, and we look forward to experiencing it with each of you.

Thank you.

For your clicks (page hits!!!), your comments, your support, thank you. I hope you find everything you're looking for in this New Year.

In the tradition of New Years, some of the Colts Authority staff gave their football-related New Year's Resoutions. Check ours out, and then share yours in the comments.

Happy 2013, and GO COLTS!

Colts Authority's Staff Resolutions

Greg Cowan – In 2013, I will avoid reading columns, articles, comments on NFL Awards, such as OROY, MVP, etc… If I'm asked to write one, FINE! But  I'm not getting sucked into meaningless arguments about meaningless awards with people who lack logic! (Maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to buy some blood pressure medicine)

Scott Kacsmar – My New Year's Resolution is to complete the best database of comeback wins on planet Earth.

Nate Dunlevy – My New Year's Resolution is to spend much less time thinking about Blaine Gabbert in 2013.

Lou Pin, with a 3-pack!  – My New Year's resolutions … I'll try to:

1. Avoid using Andrew Luck's name as a pun
2. NOT throw small objects at the tv when Mewelde Moore checks in
3. Beat Madden 13 with 32nd ranked Indy … yes, worse than Kansas City.
Josh Boeke – Mine is to stop engaging in online debates with insane RGIII fans.
Laura Calaway – My New Year's Resolution is to ensure I have more pictures of the current team (versus prior teams, read: more Luck than Manning) on my screen saver.
Marco Gutiérrez has a Resolution for each month of 2013 –  My New Year's Resolutions are…
1. Ignore the unbelievable hate against Bill Polian.
2. Stop insulting opposing players. (I totally mean this)
3. Try to actually go to an NFL game.
4. Find enough time to write as much as I want to. 
5. Block everyone who retweets something from a. Deion Sanders b. Skip Bayless c. Brad Wells
6. Try to finally accept that Peyton Manning is gone. 
7. Get a Pat McAfee jersey.
8. Hate the Patriots more than I did in 2012.
9. Stop drafting multiple Colts players in Fantasy Football.
10. Try to actually be good in fantasy football. 
11. Get more involved in college football.
12. Ignore Greg when he says "I'M NOT CANADIAN".
[Editor's Note: Feel free to ignore #12… Please.]
Marcus Dugan has 3 for us  – My New Year's Resolutions are…
1. not to be writing articles at 2 in the morning.  [Editor's Note: hahahaha, yea, right]

2. To actually pay attention to my fantasy league. My record is probably awful this year, but I truly have no idea on account of my lack of attention (and time) spent on it.

3. To pay even less attention than I already do to everything said on ESPN First Take, and help others to do the same.

There you have it. Give us your resolutions :) HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!