GIFtastic: The Jim Irsay Revenge Game

It was a cool night in Indianapolis (which is why Peyton lost because he can't play outside and choker and stuff) when the Denver Broncos came to town. 

Two of the AFC's most impressive teams came into the Lucas Oil Stadium, and both emerged, beaten and exhausted. 

But only one emerged with a win. 

Someway, somehow, the Colts managed to upset the red-hot Broncos just six days after laying an egg on Monday Night Football against the Chargers. 

Football is weird like that. So, let's embrace the weirdness! Here's how the Colts beat the Denver Peytons, in all the GIF glory!

The story of the first half was one of runs. Denver scored two quick touchdowns, the Colts scored 23 straight. 

The Colts were able to move the ball, but couldn't get into the end zone early in the game. One reason why they couldn't get into the end zone? 

Play design. I mean, what in the good name of Walter White is going on here? Reggie Wayne's route on third and goal is to literally just stand around? 


But, it wouldn't take long for the floodgates to open.

It all started with the safety, brought to you by the league's sack leader and the oldest player to ever have 11.5 sacks through the first seven weeks of the season, Robert Mathis. 

Everyone talked about how Mathis simply couldn't wait to hit Manning in this game. 

Even Peyton had to smile a bit. 

After the safety, the Colts' offense got rolling, thanks to the efforts of the 2013 Colts MVP: Stanley Havili. 

Look at that perfect strip. 

It's almost as if Havili was born to play defense. Maybe he should switch positions. 


All fun aside, Havili had two huge plays this week. Good work. 

After the fumble, we saw one of the most unique play calls I've seen. When Pep Hamilton is on, man is he on. 

This play would set up a player later as well. 

Watch how Champ Bailey (#24) reacts to both plays. He bites hard on the fake end-around first one, and it's a big reason why Heyward-Bey is able to score.

On the second play, Bailey doesn't react at all to DHB's movement inside. Now, Bailey has different responsibilities on each play, but nevertheless, the fact that Bailey doesn't move at all is interesting. 

Now, the Colts were able to stall the Broncos in the second quarter with stellar play from the defense, namely Darius Butler and Vontae Davis. 

Butler succeeded with physical play near the line of scrimmage and solid ball skills. 

Vontae Davis, on the other hand, simply stayed with his man, generally Demaryius Thomas, on EVERY SINGLE PLAY. 

Davis didn't play bump-and-run, but he was up in press man coverage for most of the game. When Manning did target Thomas, it usually ended up in an incompletion. Davis held Thomas to three catches for 15 yards on eight targets. 

There are other plays I have GIFs for, for both Butler and Davis. 

Butler: Here and Here

Davis: Here and Here

So what else can we talk about? 

Oh, I don't know… how about STANLEY HAVILI scoring more fantasy points than 80% of my roster? 

You like running backs catching passes for 20+ yards? Well here is Donald Brown. 

Why? Because Donald Brown is the unofficial mascot of Colts Authority, obviously. 

More fun things! 

The Coby Fleener Helicopter! Or what I like to call, the Coby-Copter!

We'll finish up with this Andrew Luck run for a first down on 3rd and 11. It's a pretty classic Luck scramble… although I could do without the hits at the end.

One more time!

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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