GIFtastic: Colts sweep Titans

Was it pretty? 

No. But really, why would you expect it to be?

It was a three on a 10 point scale, but it was a win, and so, we'll GIF it! 

The Colts defeated the Titans at home this past Sunday, and in order to fully appreciate it, here are moving pictures! We've got everything from Donald Brown love to Ryan Lolzpatrick this week, so I'm excited. 


We'll start in the first quarter, when we saw a foreshadowing of what was to come from the Titans' offense.

I call it Ryan Lolzpatrick. 

And now for our weekly Darrius 'Dubstep' Heyward-Bey montage:

Hey look, he did a good thing! This is exactly the way that he should be used, if he's going to be on the field. 

Give him short routes with YAC potential, and DHB can actually be productive. Try and make him into a downfield threat? Good luck. 

How about the patented end-around? 

The thing about this play is that it really should have worked. Look at this side of the field. Nobody is prepared for it, but Jurrell Casey just takes Jack Doyle for a ride into Heyward-Bey's path. It's a little perplexing that Gosder Cherilus doesn't seem to care about Casey, it's almost like he didn't realize that Heyward Bey was coming back around. 

The play itself wasn't a bad idea, this was just a case of terrible execution by Cherilus/Doyle.

And there it is. 

One good play on a short route, a poor end-around (although not his fault) and a big drop in a key situation? Dubstep bingo complete!

And there is Reggie Wayne's reaction. 

We know that feel Reggie. 

But, the good thing about DHB's struggles is that they made it possible for this to happen. 

Yes, on his very first target ever, Da'Rick Rogers drew a 27-yard pass interference penalty. 

And that's Alterraun Verner he blows by, a corner who deserves to make the Pro Bowl this season. If Rogers doesn't get more snaps this week (he had eight routes on Sunday), I'm going to lose it. 

I'll also lose it if they keep running these toss plays. 

Not only is the play telegraphed terribly by Jack Doyle motioning from split out wide terrible, but basically all four players with key blocks on the outside missed them horribly (Doyle, Castonzo, Heyward-Bey, Thornton). 

You know what we should be doing though? 

Fullback passes. 

I don't mind a fullback pass every once in a while, and Havili is athletic enough to get a few extra yards. But 10 extra yards? 

For shame Moise Fokou, for shame. You got clowned by a fullback. 

Another thing we should be doing: encouraging Andrew Luck to leave the pocket. Good things happen when he does. 

And again. 

And again. 


Then there's those rare times where he actually has a clean pocket to throw from. 

Holy moly look at that throw. When we get to see Luck have a clean pocket, good things also happen. 

Of course, I see him escaping the pocket as a much more likely scenario than all five linemen holding their blocks for 3+ seconds. 

On to the defense, which took advantage of Ryan Lolzpatrick throughout the day. 

Cassius Vaughn picked up two interceptions on the day, including this throw, that was to nobody. Keep doing what you're doing Ryan. 

I mean, I was just kidding, but if you want to just keep gift-wrapping turnovers…

This is what it's like to not have a real quarterback, huh? 

In other defense-related news, Robert Mathis got another strip-sack. He shows up every game with one of these, it seems. He now has 15.5 sacks on the season. If he hits 20 the Defensive Player of the Year is a real possibility. Even if he doesn't he'll get some attention. 

Good day for Freeman as well, who recovered this fumble and had the interception as well. 

But, how could we end the GIFtastic piece without a little love for Donald Brown

Sure, you can keep him down for 3.5 quarters… BUT YOU CAN'T KEEP HIM DOWN FOREVER

He's the little engine that could, the rapscallion stallion. And he's breaking more tackles and earning more yards after contact than anybody expected. 

He's fourth in the league in yards after contact per carry, with 3.0 (WHICH IS MORE THAN… nevermind). 

He's a "straight power back," according to Jurrell Casey


UPDATE: Here is the end zone angle on that touchdown run, per request. I like Stanley Havili's excitement. That is all. 

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