GIFtastic: A random collection of great moments in the Colts’ win over the 49ers

The Colts beat the 49ers on Sunday, which is why the NFL is so much fun. 

Nobody thought they would win. If you did, you were being an unabashed homer (Which is fine, by the way. I love homers. Homer. Homer's. Homer.)

Nevertheless, win they did. And that's the NFL for you. It's different every week, yet the exact same. Any team can win any week, but certain truths are self evident: The Packers won't win a close game, the Chargers will choke away a fourth quarter lead, the Jaguars are bad and Peyton Manning is king.

These Colts seem to play different every week, but they always perform unexpectedly, whether it's beating a team by 20 that they were supposed to be blown out by or sneaking by a team that they were supposed to blow out. Every week is different and yet the same in that it defies our expectations. 

I've broken down the win a few times already, and I'll have more breakdowns (including a video post!) here in the next couple days when All-22 comes out. But for today, I just want to take one last chance to revel in some of the great moments that I found when rewatching the game. To do this, we go to our trusty GIFs. 

NOTE: I didn't have time to do rollovers today, so the loading time is going to be long for this article. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Let's start with the defense, because let's face it, they were the dominant unit on Sunday. 

One of the key factors in the Colts' success was their containment of Colin Kaepernick in the pocket. Kaepernick was uncomfortable and looked to run early on, but struggled to find running room, because of plays like this: 

"I'm sorry I just got lost in the train of thought over all that goodness I just heard saw."

More defensive line/front seven domination you ask? Why, it would be my pleasure. 

The synchronized spin here by Redding and Mathis is just absolutely fantastic to watch. The two are easily the best pass rushers on the team currently, and they showed it on Sunday, both players getting into the backfield with regularity. 

The coverage on the play was phenomenal as well, but the pressure was quick enough to where it really didn't matter anyway. 

Now on to the run defense. Yes, the Colts can even have highlights when defending the run.

What we see here is #Chapnado showing us exactly what he has the potential to do: plug the middle.

His ability to shed the block and stand up the oncoming running back is one of beauty, and something that hasn't been seen from a Colts nose tackle in a long time. If he can do this with regularity, the #Chapnado hashtag is going to be well-used. 

This is the part of the article where we have the Delano Howell party, with two GIFs exemplifying his aggressive, yet disciplined job in coverage that boosted the Colts' coverage all day. 

Both plays came on third downs, forcing the 49ers off of the field. It was a standout day for the former UDFA out of Stanford, in large part to plays like this. 

The play of the day, however, came from Antoine Bethea, who covers about three miles in the blink of an eye to take down Kaepernick as he tries to convert this third down on the ground. Or something like that. 

Offensively, there weren't quite as many highlights, but one thing that's both GIF-worthy and becoming a weekly occurrence is Andrew Luck's Houdini act. This play actually doesn't result in a completion, but the elusiveness of Luck in the pocket is breathtaking. 

Speaking of Luck's elusiveness, here's a beautifully drawn-up play, followed by Andrew Luck's… interesting… spike. 

And how could we go through the offense without a testament to Ahmad Bradshaw? This is the perfect example of being patient and waiting for a hole to open up. It was what he did throughout the day, and something that he can hopefully pass on to Trent Richardson. 

If I add any more the Bloguin servers may blow up, so I'll stop there for now. 

What a fun week though. Wins are great. 

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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