First-and-Crown Fantasy League update, Week 2

When we last left you, Colts Authority was sitting with an 0-1 record, a crappy roster, and a liquor cabinet full of whiskey. Well, two out of three are still true. While our roster still stinks and our liquor cabinet is still full, we were able to secure a win over an even-stinkier roster, with a 70-58 TROUNCING of the Cowboys blog, "How Bout Them Cowboys." 

This week, we're going head-to-head with "Patriots Life."  While we're still concerned about our QB situation (Roethlisberger gets to languish against Tim Jennings and the Bears defense while Flacco goes head-to-head with the Houston Texans), we do have a leg-up on the competition, as our opponent has already received a big "0" from Dwayne Bowe.

We did make one roster move: we picked up TE Coby Fleener as we dropped recently-IR'd teammate Dwayne Allen (sad face).

Some tough decisions this week: Kellen Winslow vs Buf or Fleener vs 49ers and Ridley vs TB or BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs GB.  Probably going with Fleener and Ridley.

We'll let you know how it goes next week!