Colts Updated UDFA List

Undrafted free agents are the lifeblood of training camp. The Colts will be signing them left and right as the draft ends, and keep this page open as we update it with each signing as they come in. 

Note: Some of these are signings, some are  merely invitations to try out at the rookie mini-camp. The Colts can only take 90 into training camp. 

Lanear Sampson, WR, Baylor (His Twitter)

Daxton Swanson, CB, Sam Houston State (His Twitter)

Brandon McManus, K, Temple (His Twitter)

Dan Moore, FB, Montana (His Twitter)

Emmett Cleary, OT, Boston College (Boston College blogger)

C.O. Prime, DE, Wagner (Teammate)

Michael Josifovski, K, Marian (His Twitter)

Denodus O'Bryant, RB, Lindenwood (His Twitter)

Sheldon Price, CB, UCLA (high school contact)

Nigel Malone, CB, Kansas State (NEPatriotsDraft)

Jamal-Rashad Patterson, WR, Stanford (His Twitter)

Nick Driskill, S, Mount Union (His father, through blogger from Draft-Hub, also, his roommate)

Rodrick Rumble, WR, Idaho State (ISU Athletics and his Twitter)

Jordan Bright, DT, Indiana State (Local news)

Jerome Cunningham, TE, Southern Connecticut (Teammate and also he instagram'd a screenshot of my article on the Colts' depth chart, so I think this is safe)

Josh Dworaczyk, OL, LSU (The Times-Picayune)

Allen Chapman, CB, Kansas State (WIBW Radio)

Danous Estenor, OL, South Florida (USF Website)

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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