Colts Authority Community Mock Draft

Are you a draft nut? Do you constantly refresh Twitter looking for the latest draft news? Can you name all of the first round prospects? Are you planning to call in sick on April 28th so you can watch the second and third rounds unfold? 

Well, it really doesn't matter. Whether you know every prospect from the first round to the compensatory picks or you simply know that the Colts drafted that Lucky guy last year, we want you!

We realize it's a little late, but with two weeks until the NFL Draft, we're going to try and fit at least the first round into our community mock draft. 

This is how it will work: each team will be represented by a fan or Colts Authority staff member. For the purposes of this draft, there won't be any trades, simply due to the limited time we have. As the picks come in, I will post them on Twitter and keep and updated list on Colts Authority. For the sake of speed, we won't be asking for a written explanation of each pick right when you make the pick, but I would like a quick blurb on why you chose the pick somewhat soon after the pick is submitted. 

The Colts will be represented by Olly Dawes, CA's resident draft expert, and the rest of the teams will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If you'd like to be involved, either send me an email ( or contact me through Twitter (@ColtsAuth_Kyle), or in the comments of this post. 

Like I said, it'll be first come, first serve, so if there's a team you would really like to represent, don't hesitate to let me know. There will be a 12-hour rule, if no pick is submitted to me by 12 hours after the previous pick is announced, the pick will be automatically chosen by Colts Authority staff. We're going to try and get through as much of the draft as possible. 

P.S. I have no idea how to end this post, so here's a tweet of the prank bill that Peyton Manning sent WR Eric Decker after working out with him at Duke this past week. 




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