BREAKING NEWS: Colts acquire RB Trent Richardson for 2014 1st-round pick

The Colts have traded their 2014 1st-round pick for RB Trent Richardson.


I would type up some analysis, but my heart is in too much pain. Let me sum up:

The Indianapolis Colts are determined to build a power running team despite all evidence pointing to the quarterback and the passing game being the key to winning in the NFL. On top of that, they have now given up a 1st-round pick in a very deep draft for a running back. Compounding the issue, the Colts are missing their starting TE and starting LG and are dealing with numerous other key injuries. It is very likely, given their schedule, that the Colts have a decently-high pick in the 2014 draft (top-15 at least). A team as desperately in need of talent as the Colts just gave up their best chance at getting that young, dynamic talent… for a running back. For a running back.

Stay tuned to Colts Authority. For what? I have no clue. Seriously.