2013 Colts Authority Community Mock Draft


CA Mock Draft List and Big Board

Welcome to the 2013 Colts Authority Community Mock Draft! Without being too verbose, let's just get right into this. 

The mock draft will be run largely on Twitter, although the big board and pick list will be available through the link at the top and bottom of this page, and this page will be pinned to the top of Colts Authority (top left) for the duration of the mock. 

We're going to try and get through as many rounds as we can before the NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 25.

After each pick is turned into me (via Twitter or email), I will announce it on Twitter and update the draft pick list. The next pick's owner will then be notified through Twitter (and/or email if applicable). If a team's pick is not made w/in 12 hours of it being announced, the pick will be made by the draft administrators (me). The GM isn't required to send me an explanation of the pick immediately, but I would like a brief (couple sentences is fine) explanation soon after, at least for the first round or so. 

Note- We will NOT be doing trades in this year's mock, due to the time constraints and varying degrees of experience in our GMs. This may be an option in future years, but not this year.

The link at the bottom contains the list of GMs, the list of the top 320 prospects, and the draft order. The draft order sheet will be updated with each pick, and the list of prospects will be updated to include the prospects left after each pick. Both sheets will be sortable. For example, you can sort the prospects left by position, overall ranking, etc., or sort the draft order sheet in order to see the current haul by each team, the overall list, etc. 

One note, the big board is brought to you by Draft Tek, which uses several different position labels that you may be unfamiliar with. 

WR- Draft Tek uses three different wide receiver labels. WRF stands for "Feature" wide reciever, a prospect that has the all-around skills to be a traditional #1 receiver. WRP stands for "Possession" wide receiver, either a bigger receiver who is an easy target in red zone or 3rd down sitiuations or smaller, but fearless receivers that are more traditional possession receivers. WRS is a "speed" receiver, smaller receivers whose quickness, elusiveness, and speed creates mismatches. 

RB- Draft Tek splits half backs into two groups- feature backs (RBF) and change-of-pace backs (RBC). A feature back is a  three-down back, a workhorse who could be the main guy on any team. A change-of-pace back is generally a smaller, faster weapon whose talents are best used in space. 

OT- Tackles are split into right (ROT) and left (LOT) tackles. 

Defense- Some positions in the front seven have either 43 or 34 behind them, signifying either 4-3 defense or 3-4 defense, respectively. 

Any other questions, don't hesitate to let me know. 

The first pick has been made by reader and Twitter user @ColtsnPacersLuke Joeckel, OT from Texas A&M.

Joeckel is the safest prospect in the whole draft with his elite pass blocking abilities. Even though Chiefs franchised LT Branden Albert, the Chiefs could still use another tackle on the other side to protect their new franchise quarterback in Alex Smith. 

Note- The best way to read the explanations on the draft board will be to switch the board to spreadsheet view. To view the boards in a sortable way, go back to list view

Use this as your discussion board for the draft, or any questions you might have. You can also contact me by Twitter (@ColtsAuth_Kyle) or email: kyle@coltsauthority.com

You can also search for Mock Draft updates on Twitter through the hashtag #CAMock

CA Mock Draft List and Big Board


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