Welcome to Colts Authority

The entire Colts Authority staff would like to wish all of our faithful readers, interested new visitors, and podcast groupies a very happy new year.

For those of you who are surprised by being redirected from 18to88.com, Coltsider.com, or Coltzilla.com, we would like to introduce you to a project we’re very excited about — and one we believe will lead to a more educated, closer Colts community with ready access to content, comraderie, and products that interest its members.

The backbone of Colts Authority is a collection of the very best Colts writers on the internet. Nate Dunlevy, Kyle Rodriguez, and I have been privileged to work with a number of talented writers, who have made the transition with us. Much of the Colts community has become famlilar with Joe “Shake n Bake” Baker’s writing at sites like Stampedeblue.com, 18to88.com, The League — Washington Post’s sports blog, and as a regular participant in the Check it to Pancakes podcast. Laura “Dr. Blue” Calaway has also had her writing featured on Stampedeblue.com, Coltzilla.com, and has been one of the most consistent and informative voices on Colts injuries available to the entire community as a co-host on the Check it to Pancakes podcast. Greg “Pass the Syrup” Cowan has produced excellent stories on the front page of Coltzilla.com, is one of the most loved and animated members of the Colts open thread community, and hosts the most popular Colts podcast on the internet — Check it to Pancakes.

What helps make Colts Authority different than what any one of the previous blogs offered on their own is that an outstanding group of talented writers and contributors from around the world have come together in one place, for the benefit of the community. Ben “The Chap” Savage hails from Great Britain and brings some of the most informative play and player breakdown weekly pieces along with him. Adam “I’m a Hoosier” Johnson joins the team with a community centered focus and experience as an editor at SB Nation’s Indiana Hoosiers blog Crimsonquarry.com. Jacob Crocker joins a team full of stat-minded fans and writers with his own unique collection of statistical play breakdowns. Scott “Vanderjagt” Cooper brings considerable writing talent and an oustanding sense of humor to covering and discussing the Colts. Scott “Captain Comeback” Kacsmar joins the team as a writer at Colts Hard Football Facts and puts a great deal of talent and research into providing his perspectives.

Also joining the team is editor Kelly Hinojosa, fantasy and picks writer and director Jared Malott, Hoosier Authority writer and 18to88.com contributor Evan Reller — who is finishing up his Masters in sports journalism, 18to88.com daily links writer and collaborator Todd Smith, and Coltzilla.com and MockingtheDraft.com NFL Draft guru Travis Tango.

We are extremely proud of this team and believe our visitors will appreciate and enjoy the professional content it produces.

Some of the features to look forward to include: ones from Coltzilla.com like the player profiles, statistics, salary cap, training room, Colts Academy, draft, and podcast features; ones from 18to88.com like the very popular entertainment themed prediction pieces, eyes in the backfield, and game reviews; and ones from Coltsider.com including quick game reactions, film reviews, and statistical breakdowns.

It is our goal for Colts Authority to be your one-stop location for all of the latest news, analysis, and commentary on the Indianapolis Colts. It will offer the most comprehensive, professional, and entertaining online venue for Colts fans to gather, learn, and connect.

Follow the site throughout the coming week to have a more detailed explanation on how to navigate the site, specific details on the feature pages, and to get an idea of what you have to expect and look forward to at Colts Authority.

We invite our readers to provide feedback and suggestions as the site continues to develop to info@coltsauthority.com or discuss the site in the comments section of this announcment.

Thank you for your continued support and GO COLTS! Cheers to new beginnings in 2012!