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Week 16 NFL Picks Challenge

Happy Holidays!

Hello, Colts Fans.  I hope your Christmas season has been positively wonderful thus far.  This week, since the world did not, in fact, end, our NFL Picks series is back by somewhat popular demand, and the picks are posted with all manner of bragging rights at stake. If you would like to get into the mix, jump in and add your picks into the comments (or, as some prefer, just email them to marcus@coltsauthority.com). 

It won't take very long, and if you beat us, I'll mention your name (or username) in next week's article just for being awesome.  You're off to a solid 1-0 start already since you know who won on Thursday night.  So kick off your Christmas weekend with a little friendly competition, and pick some NFL games with us. 

I promise it will be fun, or your money back (insert clever comment here about how there is not money to refund).

Week 16 Games

For those of us who like to copy and paste our picks into the comments (It's quite easy if you copy it all and delete the ones you expect to lose), here are the games for this week:

Falcons @ Lions   
Redskins @ Eagles   
Vikings @ Texans   
COLTS @ Chiefs   
Bills @ Miami   
Bengals @ Steelers   
Rams @ Buccaneers   
Saints @ Cowboys   
Titans @ Packers   
Patriots @ Jaguars   
Raiders @ Panthers   
Chargers @ Jets   
Browns @ Broncos   
Giants @ Ravens   
Bears @ Cardinals   
Giants @ Seahawks   


The Staff Picks:

There has been yet another lead change.  Colts Authority Radio Co-host Rohan Bhasin has been trending upward in recent weeks (he has been unstoppable) and has overtaken the rest of us for lead after going 13-3 last week.

Colts Authority NFL Picks



Good luck, and have a safe and happy Christmas and Holiday Season.  Don't forget to share your picks.  If you don't have an account, you can log on with – you guessed it – Facebook.  Super easy. 


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