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The Colts Authority NFL Picks Challenge: Week 15

Good morning, friends, Hoosiers, and Colts fans everywhere.  It's time to pick some NFL games. 

Every week, the experts, pundits, and talking heads try to predict the winners of every matchup in the league.  Sometimes they look like geniuses, and sometimes they…well, they don't.  This year, we at the Colts Authority have gotten in on the fun. 

Currently, Laura Caloway holds a slight lead in win percentage over ‘the gambler,’ Josh Boeke, although Laura missed a week somewhere along the way.  Scott Kacsmar and I are tied for the lead in total wins but trail slightly in win percentage in part because we’ve picked more games than the two percentage leaders.   

We always enjoy seeing your picks as well (yes, I’m talking to you, and yes, we'll give you the Thursday night game).  So, whether you just want something to do, or you are dying to show us all up with your own game prediction ability (as a couple readers did, in convincing fashion, earlier in the year), go ahead, and take a few minutes to share you NFL picks with us.  You can do so in the comments, by an email to marcus@coltsauthority.com, or by liking and commenting on our fantastic Facebook page

I'll have a list of the games you can copy and paste to save time if you prefer.  So, on to the charts we go after the jump.

Here's a quick look at where eveyone stands:

And now, the games, if you wish to copy and paste to speed up your picking process.

Cincinnati at Philadelphia

N.Y. Giants at Atlanta

Minnesota at St. Louis

Tampa Bay at New Orleans

Jacksonville at Miami

Indianapolis at Houston

Washington at Cleveland

Green Bay at Chicago

Denver at Baltimore

Carolina at San Diego

Seattle at Buffalo

Detroit at Arizona

Kansas City at Oakland

Pittsburgh at Dallas

San Francisco at New England

N.Y. Jets at Tennessee


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