Talking to the New Guys: Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd

It seems like Moise Fockou and Greg Lloyd have already formed a tight bond. 

Perhaps it was last season in Philadelphia, especially the final five weeks, where both were on the 53-man roster, but both were also inactive for all of the final four games. 

Perhaps it was this summer, both knowing that their shot at contributing was minuscule. 

Perhaps is was simply a product of the ride from Philadelphia to Anderson. 

No matter the case the two seem to come in a package deal now. After listening to each one use the phrase “we” so many times, even when asked a more “personal” geared question. Both players seemed to have no trouble talking for the two together, and they may now get a chance to work together for the Colts. 

While they may not be able to get on the field in the linebacker rotation, they are locks to participate in special teams, if they make the roster. Perhaps they can wreck some havoc there. 

Anyway, our own Nate Dunlevy was able to talk to the newcomers last week, and has graced us with the entire interview, part of his training camp coverage. 

Moise Fokou

What was it like, your first practice? 

Yeah, we got out there a little bit. When we came out, it was a little interesting. I guess Kevin Thomas hadn’t passed his physical in Philadelphia yet, so we couldn’t suit up yet. But, right in the middle of practice they told us he was good to go, so we jumped back into the locker room, came out with the pads on, warmed up, and became part of the Colts.

What time did you guys get here? 

We got in last night. We had to do our physicals this morning, and we came in around 12:30 and got situated.

Are you excited for the opportunity with a team without depth at linebacker? 

Definitely excited, you know we’re glad to be part of this family, we know they’re trying to build the monster here. We came really suddenly, but that’s part of the business, and we’re excited about the opportunity to come out here and help. 

What’d you think when you heard about the Colts? 

It’s part of the business. You never want it to happen (to have to move), but you have to be prepared for it. We’re excited about the opportunity, it’s a new fresh start, and we’re just excited to be out here and be a part of the team. 

Greg Lloyd

Is this a fresh start?

Most definitely. It came as sudden news to us, but like Moise said, it’s a business, and you have to be ready for it. Moise put it perfectly, it’s a fresh start, a new place, we’re happy to be a part of it, and we’re here to work. 

What’s your early first impression of this team? 

It’s building. You know, guys are working hard, everybody is getting after it, and we’re just happy to add on to it. We plan on coming out, giving our all, and contributing as best as we can. 

Do you feel like you’re behind at all? 

There’s some catching up to do, obviously they’ve been here, they’ve gotten the install and whatnot. Me and Moise have some catching up to do, that way we can be on the same page as everyone else, not a step behind. 

Do you like the aggressive style of this 3-4 defense? 

Oh, obviously. I mean, I’m built to run downhill, stop the run, but I’m ready to fit in where I need to fit in. 

What’s it like to get traded? How much of a shock is it? 

Well it’s just my second year in the league, so it’s my first time. But from vets talking and stuff, you know it happens. But it’s a new experience, and it’s all something new. It’s like one day practice with one team, get a call: “Oh yeah, by the way, tomorrow you’ll get to practice with another team.” So it’s just like “Oh, okay.” But, you take it in stride, it’s nothing to be sad about or anything. You go to another team, but you still get to play the game that you love, so I’m excited just to get after it. 

Do you feel more comfortable because Grigson is here? 

Uh, yeah (laughs). I actually know a couple guys on the team. I’ve played with Donald Brown, I’ve played with Scott Lutrus. Mario [Harvey] I know, I’ve worked out with him before the combines. But, I know a couple of guys out here, so I think I’ll fit in easily.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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