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It’s been awhile.Andrew Luck will certainly have a busy summer once he graduates from Stanford. (Michael Conroy- AP)

I’d like to apologize to our readers for my lack of writing over the last two weeks, where school and work have kept me swamped. Fortunately, from here on out, I’ll be able to provide consistent content all summer, with a focus on statistical and video analysis. 

In preparation for the summer, I’d like to let you know the type of studies I’ll be looking at over the summer, and ask you guys (and gals) for suggestions and requests. 

First, I’ll be doing some major statistical gathering, and plan on revamping the Colts Authority statistics page. The new page will include complete basic statistics for the 2009-2012 seasons, as well as tracking of advanced statistics such as DVOA, EPA, WPA, etc. from year to year (and week to week where possible). By gathering the team statistics in one place, we hope to make it easier for you, the reader and (presumably) Colts fan, to have accurate statistical information available to you. 

Second, I’ll be doing several statistically themed analysis studies throughout the summer. I will be continuing analysis on drafting, specifically by taking a few different numerical looks at the drafts. I’ll also be looking at how different factors correlate to winning, how the 2011 Colts failed at that, and where the 2012 Colts appear to be headed for that category. I’m open and willing to study other topics this summer, and would love to have some reader suggestions or requests that I could tackle. 

Third, I will be doing a film study on what looks to be key players for the 2012 Colts, attempting to nail down exactly what the players on the rosters do well and what they don’t. This should give us some idea of how they should be utilized this season, and whether or not the new schemes, formations, and game plans will put them in a position to succeed. These likely won’t include rookies, simply because it is so difficult to predict NFL productivity from college film. This list of players tentatively includes the following: 

Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner

Brandon McKinney

Samson Satele

Winston Justice and Mike McGlynn

Austin Collie and Donnie Avery

Jerraud Powers

Kevin Thomas and Chris Rucker

Tom Zbikowski

I’m looking forward to a full summer, and can’t wait to dive into it. If any of you have any ideas for other studies, analysis, or any other types of articles you’d like to see this summer, leave a comment or contact myself or any of the other CA writers. 

My email is 

Twitter: @coltsauth_kyle

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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