Standings Checkup, A look at the Colts, Where they Stand and who to Root for, Week 12

With Week 11 in the books, let's take a look at the AFC playoff picture:

Place Team Record
1st Houston Texans 9-1
2nd Baltimore Ravens 8-2
3rd New England Patriots 7-3
4th Denver Broncos 7-3
5th Indianapolis Colts 6-4
6th Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4
7th Cincinnati Bengals 5-5
8th San Diego Chargers 4-6
9th Tennessee Titans 4-6
10th New York Jets 4-6
11th Buffalo Bills 4-6
12th Miami Dolphins 4-6

After the jump we'll look at this week's key match-ups and who Colts fans should be rooting for!

Key Games for Week 12 (Teams to root for in BOLD):

Colts vs. Bills  (duh)

Patriots at Jets – If you hate rooting for the Patriots, I understand, but the Jets are only 2 games back AND they have the head-to-head tie breaker over the Colts. A Patriots win would give the Colts some room to breathe.

Raiders at Bengals – The Bengals are the scariest of the chase teams in my mind, they are getting better, their schedule isn't that hard, and they're only a game back.

Browns vs Steelers – The Steelers will be without both Byron Leftwich and Ben Roethlisberger, a win by the Browns would be huge for the Colts playoff chances.

Seahawks at Dolphins – Miami is fading fast and the Colts hold the Head-to-Head tie breaker against them, but still, you'd like to start thinning out the field as quickly as possible.

Jaguars vs Titans – I know, it stinks to root for teams you hate, but if the Titans were to lose to the Jaguars and fall to 4-7, it would all but eliminate them from post-season contention.

Ravens at Chargers – Same premise as SEA/MIA. Also, at this point you want to start seeing BALT, DEN, and NE widen their leads, beat their divisional opponents, and reduce the chances for a 2nd team (or 3rd) playoff team from their division.