RG3 Signs, Pressure Mounts on Colts

This morning, Adam Schefter greeted us with some breaking news: 

As of right now, the spotlight is on the Colts, Jim Irsay, and Andrew Luck.

Despite Jim Irsay proclaiming “We’re Close!!!” multiple times this summer, there have been little reports of headway made in discussions about Andrew Luck’s contract. Luck missed parts of the Colts’ offseason already, taking finals at Stanford while the Colts had OTAs. The rookie has no reason to miss any more of the offseason, and any missed days by Luck during training camp (starting in just eleven days) will make the front office (and Luck/his agent) look incompetent. The whole “RG3 hasn’t signed yet either” argument just got thrown out the window. 

It’s not just Luck either. The Colts have yet to sign their second and third round picks, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, as well. None of them should miss training camp. This camp is one of the most important in years, as the Colts implement entirely new systems, philosophies, coaches, and players. Every minute of camp is going to be extremely valuable in turning the franchise around. 

Waiting this long to get the deal done also leaves the Colts at a disadvantage, because now they have to use RG3′s contract as a measuring stick. Due to the new CBA, there is not a lot of options for rookie contracts, as the basic logistics are already set. However, there are some stipulations that can be controlled, such as how much money is guaranteed. When Anthony Castonzo missed time last year during training camp, it was due to conflicts in guaranteed money, especially in the fourth year of the contract. 

Well, now it seems that Andrew Luck is going to have the upper hand in deciding just how much guaranteed money he gets: 

That’s a lot of guaranteed cash. Now, the Colts have to stand their contract up to RG3′s, whereas getting the contract done before could have avoided the issue. 

Look, I’m not concerned. Luck WILL be signed prior to the season, and it’s just about assured that he’ll be signed before training camp. It’s just slightly concerning to me that it’s taken this long. It MAY hint at this front office’s weakness in player contract negotiations. It’s merely something to keep an eye on. 

In other news, Indianapolis has announced a bid to host another Super Bowl. Thoughts? 

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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