Records For Christmas

With the Colts' 20-13 win over the Chiefs on Sunday, the Cols became just the second team to win double digit games one season after lossing 14 or more, joining the 2008 Miami Dolphins. 

But that wasn't the only record on the day, in fact, the Colts got several records in the win. Since it's Christmas Eve, and it's a busy time for us all, I just wanted to give you a few extra tidbits to brighten up your Christmas Eve. Some of these are pretty well known, others may not be. 


As a team:

  • Clinch both a playoff spot and the #5 seed. If the Colts (10-5), Bengals (9-6), and Ravens (10-5) all finish with a 10-6 record (Which would happen with a Bengals win next week over the Ravens), the Ravens will still have the tiebreaker over the Bengals, earning the division title. The Colts also have the tiebreaker over the Bengals, and would gain the #5 seed. 


Andrew Luck

  • Passes Cam Newton's rookie record for most yards in a season. Luck now has 4183 yards on the season, the most ever by a rookie, and only the second to go over 4,000 yards. 
  • Gets his seventh game winning drive (GWD), beating Ben Roethlisberger's previous rookie record of six GWDs in a single season. It has been reported that Luck also tied the all-time record with seven in a single season, but that's a little misleading. Eli Manning (2011) and Jake Delhomme (2003) have gotten eight GWDs in a single season, but that included the playoffs. So, Luck ties the regular season record. (This is confusing because Roethlisberger's record was including a GWD in the playoffs.)
  • Passes Peyton Manning and Sam Bradford's totals for most pass attempts as a rookie, totaling 599 on the season. Luck has a chance to expand on the record, and become just the 14th player to attempt more than 600 passes on a single season, in the regular season finale against Houston next week. 
  • Passes Cam Newton to land at 3rd on the list of most passes ever completed by a rookie. At 325 completions Luck is one behind Peyton Manning and 29 behind Sam Bradford. 
  • With four more passes of 20+ yards, Luck adds to his league-leading total to get to 63 for the year. Luck is currently tied with Brees (Who had five such plays on Sunday) for the league lead.

Reggie Wayne

  • As you may have heard, Wayne finished with five receptions, giving him a total of 102 on the season, his fourth such season. He joins Wes Welker, Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, and Brandon Marshall as the only players in history to have at least four seasons with over 100 catches. Andre Johnson also matched the feat with seven catches against Minnesota on Sunday. 
  • The unnoticed record is Wayne's 81 yards on the day, which propels him over 1300 yards for the fourth time in his career. He joins nine other players to have gained 1300 yards in at least four seasons, as does Andre Johnson. 
  • With the two milestones, Wayne joins Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison as the only three receivers in history to have at least four seasons with 100 catches, AND at least four seasons with 1300 yards or more. 

Dwight Freeney

  • With a sack on the day, Freeney passes Trace Armstrong to get to 22nd on the all-time sack leader board with 106.5 for his career. 

Dwayne Allen

  • With three catches, Allen passes the likes of Rob Gronkowski and Ken Dilger to move to 14th on the rookie TE reception leader board with 43 catches on the season. 

So, there are a few interesting tidbits from the game. If you have anything to add please do so in the comments!


Kyle J. Rodriguez

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