Peter King: “I’d Take Andrew Luck Over Any QB Except Aaron Rodgers”

In Indianapolis, and the general NFL community, expectations for Andrew Luck are extremely high. They were high as soon as he chose to enter the NFL Draft, with scouts calling him the best prospect since John Elway. 

With Luck replacing the possible greatest of all time in Indianapolis, and playing extremely well in both of his first two games, the expectations and projections for Luck have continued to shoot upwards, with each grandiose statement more absurd than the last. 

After visiting the Colts’ camp last week, Peter King has been very vocal of his impression of Andrew Luck, and it has been extremely favorable. In this week’s past Mailbag, King gave is most positive review yet, saying that he would pick Andrew Luck over every quarterback in the NFL, other than Aaron Rodgers, if he was going to start a franchise today. 

 From the column: 

“GOOD TO SEE AN EMAIL FROM DUBAI. “If you were picking between Cam Newton (who already has one record-breaking season under his belt) or Andrew Luck (yet to play in a regular season game) today, who would you choose?”
— From Talal, of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Luck. I’d choose Luck over any current quarterback except probably Aaron Rodgers if we’re talking about which quarterback I’d want to build my franchise around. It’s simple: I think Luck has a good chance to be a top-three quarterback over the next 15 years, and he has an age edge over the great ones today.”

To many fans, the hype and praise, such as this, that Andrew Luck has been receiving lately is a bit premature. Luck has yet to play in a regular season game, while players like Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan have. 

To those who have watched Andrew Luck play this preseason however, have heard the glowing reviews coming out of camp, and listened to his interviews, this assessment doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched. 

In his first two preseason games, Andrew Luck has been phenomenal. In his first game, he had a near perfect game, with his lone miscue coming when he misjudged how high Joe Reitz could jump on a trick goal line play. During the Steelers game, Luck was a bit confused over the first few series in terms of reading the coverages and blitzes. However, after the first quarter, Luck settled down and had a fantastic second quarter. Sure, it’s just the preseason, and you have to take everything lightly, but there has been very little to suggest that Luck will not become a top quarterback in the NFL. 

We know he has the potential, the question now is will he do it? Personally, I’d side with King. There is no other person I’d rather have at quarterback right now as the Colts rebuild. 

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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