Peter King: Manning and Colts Open to Moving Option Date

Kyle Rodriguez brings in good news on Manning’s $28 million option bonus.

NOTE: Todd Smith linked to this, but I wanted to make sure that it was seen, and wanted to hear your thoughts on this.

According to a report by Peter King during Saturday night’s Football Night in America, the Colts and Peyton Manning may be open to moving the March 8 date, when the $28 million bonus is due. 

Both may be amenable to pushing back that March 8 date by which he’s owed $28 million in the option bonus by the Indianapolis Colts

Good news from the Colts if this is true. Basically, this gives the Colts more time for Manning to fully recover, if possible. Right now I don’t believe Manning is nearly as close as he or the Colts want him to be, and unless the news gets drastically better quickly, he wouldn’t be ready in time for the March 8 date, causing the Colts to either gamble on him, or cut him loose. 

With a pushed back date, the Colts would have a much better shot at getting a fully recovered Manning (or close enough) by the time the option must be verified. It seems the Colts are set on drafting Andrew Luck now, so all that remains is what happens to Peyton.

What do you think? What do you hope happens, and what do you think will happen? 

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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