NFL Draft Profile: Kendall Wright

Two words best describe 2nd to 3rd round pick Kendall Wright. He fast. Wright was made to look other worldly at times catching passes from Robert Griffin III. But don’t give Griffin all the credit for Wright’s success. The raw athleticism, speed and explosiveness has much to do with Wright’s appearance on the draft scene. As a strong route runner with the kind of speed and explosiveness he possesses he has a ton of teams salivating at the thought of him falling just a shade below where he should. I think he could be a good pick taken in the second round, but he would be a phenomenal pick in the third. Wright isn’t without some red flags however.

Kendall Wright looks like a rock star on highlight films but his numbers at the combine didn’t quite back up what the eyes have been telling us. He ran an unofficial 4.61 which is just a shade quicker than the likes of Andrew Luck (4.67). That is indeed worrisome as he looks much faster on the field at speed. Perhaps it was just a bad day or not full effort at the combine time, but the game film and the numbers when measured separately tell a bit of a different story from each other.

As far as injury history goes, Wright has little to really stick out. He was a four year starter at Baylor and was very reliable to play on Saturday. Some minor bumps and bruises along in his career were about the only health issues he’s had. So his bill of health should be of no concern to anyone drafting him. He’s fit and capable of going week in and week out.

Perhaps the greatest thing to be concerned about is his size. He showed up to the combine looking slightly more robust than he should probably be playing at and he comes in at a not so towering 5’10”. We’ve seen receivers in the past be able to outplay their height disadvantages and Wright’s best asset is to run away from his defenders, so a jump ball should rarely be an issues. Still, it is something to take into account. Pierre Garcon was always an asset because you can just throw it up and he’ll go get it. This won’t be so with Wright. Fortunately we have examples out there like the good Steve Smith to look at and say size doesn’t matter at the receiver spot. It is certainly nice but not a must have.

In the end, Wright is a guy you would like to see on this team if the Colts could get him in the third round. He would be too much of a reach at 34 so you’d really have to hope for him to fall. I don’t really see it happening. He’s a four year starter, who improved annually and has the results and numbers to back up the eye test. If Wright falls then it is a minor miracle. But to bank on it would be a pipe dream.