Merry Chapmas! Sunday Open Thread

Merry Chapmas everyone!  The Colts take on the Patriots in Foxborough at 4:25 this after noon. Here's your open thread for the early games, and a poem I wrote in honor of the greatest day of the year, Chapmas! (The debut of rookie NT Josh Chapman, for those of you who are really confused right now)  Hope you enjoy, and GO COLTS!



Twas the morning of Chapmas, when all through Gillette
Not a Patriot was safe, not even Mallet.
The guards were shaking, they were quite scared
With the knowledge that Chapman soon would be there.

The Running backs were all hoping he'd sit
That his knee injury would just cause him to quit
And Bill and Josh were both trying to plan
for the player they knew could be blocked by no man.

When from down in the locker room there arouse such a scream
they arrived to find Tommy having a bad dream
His fears they both did try to allay,
But they knew nothing could stop Chapman that day.

When the sun had reached its noon time high
its rays revealed players had started to cry.
No one could eat their breakfast or lunch,
with the fear that Chapman on their bones would soon munch.

The clock struck one, buses started to pull in,
and Arians and Manusky stepped off with a grin.
As they stood, they beckoned their team by name,
calling them one by one, those who would soon grace the Hall of Fame.

"Come TY, come Antoine, come Anthony, come Dwayne,
Come Jerrell, come Donald, and come Reggie Wayne!
The buses emptied, just two players were seated,
The off stepped Andy and Josh, the team was completed.

Into the stadium they marched, as a team with a goal,
not 53 men, they played as a whole.
To beat the Patriots for themselves and their coach,
To show they were ChuckStrong in their play and approach.