Late Week Secondary Roster Move, Colts Sign CB Williams and Waive CB Green


Likely inspired by the competition on the practice field this week, the Colts have swapped out two cornerbacks today in preparation for their trip to Gillette Stadium to take on the New England Patriots. The Colts have signed CB Teddy Williams and waived CB Marshay Green.

Let’s take a look at what this means for the Colts’ secondary as they face Bill Belichick and the Patriots’ (ahem, pretty boy) QB Tom Brady.


Activated from the practice squad, CB Williams will likely be active on gameday with CB Vontae Davis already ruled out for this weekend’s matchup. Although he’ll the 4th active CB, we should probably hope most of his action comes on special teams rather than in the Dime packages. Williams, who we’ve previously talked about here, obviously brings size (6’1”, 201lbs) and speed (4.26-40), exactly the types of attributes with which any good special teams player should be graced.

So if Williams isn’t going to be playing in Dime, then who would be? I wouldn’t be surprised to see back-up S Sergio Brown in on some of the sub-packages in this game.

Yes, we saw Sergio make some boneheaded mistakes (the Jacksonville game in particular) early this season, but in his defense he was new to the team and the defensive scheme. Now in Week 11, he’s hopefully spent extra time in the playbook and better prepared this go around. Plus, there’s an X-factor with him.

Like his teammate, Colts’ new starting CB Darius Butler, Sergio Brown is an ex-Patriot. Not only do they have a working understanding of the personnel and the tendencies of that New England squad, but as we’ve seen all across this league, players try to make statements to their former teams.

“Hey, you shouldn’t have cut me or else I wouldn’t be the one making plays for the OTHER team today.”

Let’s hope both Butler and Brown come to play on Sunday and Belichick can eat a bit of that humble pie he’s so accustomed to feeding his players come Monday morning.

Let's also hope that they've been in the ear of rookie QB Andrew Luck with some clues for him on how to beat a Belichick defense.

As far as Marshay Green, who we looked at here, it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing to see him back on the PS if he clears waivers tomorrow. Although, as we’ve seen with Colts rookie GM Ryan Grigson, spots are always up for grabs as they try to improve the back-end of the roster each and every week.


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