Introducing Colts Authority’s Draft Coverage

With the official release of Peyton Manning, the Colts will now turn their attention to ushering in the “New Era” of Colts football. With that in mind, Colts Authority will also be focusing on the building of the next era by starting our 2012 Draft Coverage.

We call it SEVEN (Rounds) in SEVEN (Weeks). During each of the next seven weeks, Colts Authority will be focusing on one round of the 2012 draft. We will be bringing you draft profiles on numerous prospects, as well as Health Checks by our “Dr. Blue”, Laura Calaway,  and in-depth Five Plays analysis by Ben Savage on a select group of those prospects.

More on our draft coverage, including a primer for week one after the jump.

Before we talk about this week’s profiles, be sure to check out our Team Needs primer by Kyle Rodriguez: the one for offense and the one for defense.

This week we will focus on the 1st round by looking at the two quarterbacks at the top of every draft board: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Today’s look will include profiles on both players – written by Joe Baker – as well as their Health Checks.  We will also be releasing a Five Plays piece for both players as soon as it is ready.

So without further adieu, enjoy!