Interview with Pierre Garcon

IMG_1935Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon is one of many players whose future is up in the air. A popular figure around Indianapolis, Garcon has been making the rounds of both fans and media during Super Bowl.

The free agent appeared at a local Best Buy on Thursday to sign DVD copies of Greatest Super Bowl Moments from NFL films. Garcon was recently mentioned by Jim Irsay as a priority for the Colts. He had his best season to date in 2012, and continues to show tantalizing physical skills and could be a player on the verge of breaking out.

The dedication of Garcon’s fans is notable. The event began late as Garcon was caught in the snarled traffic of Super Bowl week. Despite an hour and a half wait, several fans enthusiastically greeted the affable and apologetic young wideout. Garcon took time with all the fans, talking and posing for pictures, more than making up for the delay by repaying those who waited with kindness.

During the event, I sat down with Garcon to ask him a few questions about the Super Bowl and his future with the Colts.

Colts Authority: It’s been a crazy week around here. You’ve been everywhere. What’s it been like?

PG: It’s been pretty busy. Indianapolis is hosting a great event, the Super Bowl. People are coming out and having a great time and showing the city a lot of love. Things are going very well.

CA: How many times have you been out to the Super Bowl?

PG: I would say twice. This is my second, apart from the one I played in. I went to Dallas last year, and I’m here this year.

CA: How does Indy compare to Dallas and Miami?

PG: You can’t compare it to Miami. Dallas, well I’m not very familiar with Dallas. It was a bad experience in Dallas because of the snow. But, Indianapolis is doing well. I know Indy very well, so it’s pretty biased to say Indianapolis is doing a lot better. It is a great event. They are doing a very good job as it is a small city.

CA: How does your experience in the Super Bowl motivate and drive you?

PG: It was a good experience. We didn’t win, but you take a lot from the game and learn from it. A lot happened that season good and bad, but we learned from it and we kept fighting, and we made it through to the final game. We didn’t win the game, but it was a good learning experience. Going to a Super Bowl was something you want to accomplish in your career. It’s a good learning process, but hopefully I go back there and get a ring.

CA: Reggie Wayne took the lead in receiving yards from you in the last game. I asked him last week if he gave you a hard time for that, and he seemed bummed about it. He seemed like he was pulling for you. Is next year the year for you?

PG: Any year. I’ll take it any year, any time I can get it. It happens. We are both trying to get yards, every time we get the ball we are trying to make plays. We try to make the most of it and get as many yards as possible.

CA: What’s it like playing in the same backfield as him?

PG: It’s been great. He’s been teaching us a lot. He’s a leader and a proven veteran. He’s been doing it for a long long time. You take a lot of information from him. Just learn from him and just watch what he does and try to imitate that as best you can.

CA: What are you trying to work on this offseason to improve your game?

PG: You gotta work on everything. You gotta work on speed, route running, catching, everything. There’s always something you can get better at?

CA: What was it like working with three different quarterbacks this year? It’s a change from 18 taking all the snaps.

PG: It was different, but we had to show up and play on Sundays. Every quarterback has his own unique style, but it was part of one of the many problems we had this year, but we had to take it and play with it the best we can and do the best job we could.

CA: You have a reputation for physical play and breaking tackles. Do you relish the contact or do you feel it too much on Monday to feel good about it while it’s happening?

PG: No, you know I enjoy playing football. I enjoy going hard. Every opportunity you get when you go out there you have to take it to the fullest because you never know when anything can happen, so you have to leave it out on the field and just embrace it and enjoy it and give it your all while you can.

CA: How does it make you feel when Jim Irsay calls you a priority along with Robert Mathis. What does it say to you to have your name up there with a Colt legend like Mathis coming out of the owner’s lips?

PG: It’s a good feeling. We work hard for it. Hopefully we do get it done. It’s easier said than done, and it’s a long process. It’s a good feeling to know that we are priorities and hopefully it works out for us.

CA: Do you have any idea when contract talks will begin?

PG: No idea at all. It could happen tomorrow or August. No one knows.

CA: How do you feel about all the changes taking place around you?

PG: It’s part of football. It happens. Every year you find someone new on the team. Every week you find someone new on the team. That’s just life in football.

CA: You are quite popular here in Indianapolis. What have you done to get the fans behind you? I know you are on Twitter, but what else have you done to get the fans behind you?

PG: I couldn’t tell you. I just enjoy playing football, and if you know Indiana they love football. I guess that’s two things that go together. I just enjoy playing football and hanging out, you know? No real  special power.

CA: Do you have any more trips to Haiti planned in the offseason?

PG: I just got back from Haiti. I was there in the middle of January. I can go back whenever. It’s just a two hour flight to Haiti from Miami, and I live in South Florida, West Palm Beach. It’s a two hour flight, and I can just say, “Hey, I’ll go to Haiti real quick”. I can go and just hang out or visit family. I don’t really plan it months in advance, and can just get up and go whenever.