Horseshoe Diaries, Volume 5

Happy Friday, Colts fans (Or Titans, Broncos, or 49ers fans, if you happened to get lost on your way to ManningMania)! It’s time for another installment of the Horseshoe Diaries. This week’s story comes from across the pond, in jolly old… The UK. After the jump we’ll read about Ross’ experience with the Colts in 2007 (an obviously popular theme with many Colts fans).

My name is Ross, I’ve been a Colts fan since 2004 roughly and from The United Kingdom.

I that Superbowl winning season for the colts like it was yesterday, well parts of it. My experience of this game shares some similarities to one of the Dunlevy brothers, (one was at the game and had the same thoughts i did).

The game kicked off roughly off the top of my head around midnight here, (Sunday night football doesn’t end to 4am) and the information for the show said the colts were the favorites. Considering if it weren’t those pats, it would be us getting killed by the chargers, we were not the favorites.

We all know what happened in the first half, and consider the time, half time was around 1:30am iirc and I had college at 9am, and the colts are getting killed by New England who at that time didn’t blow leads in January. So some of you may understand why i wasn’t particularly against the idea of a warm bed.

(Note one of the dunlevy boys was at this game and rang the other, I’m almost certain Nate wasn’t and told his brother to stay for at least one more series) The other wanted to leave. I wanted sleep, and Neither left.

First drive and we’re marching, get the touchdown and I am all like defence is back to its terrible state and New England are gonna win anyway, we hold them, still in my mind we are like 14 points behind.

Manning pounds it past the fat man, I mean Vince Wilfork and we are lining up for two. I swear mildly in surprise, and i still remember Harrison getting laid out for the two pointer.

I remember the next kickoff and the touchdown that came from it, but i do not remember much until Manning hit his hand on a helmet. Now wide awake at 2:40am I see Peyton Manning tell Jim Sorgi to be ready. I Turned my white pyjamas Brown. Thank something for Jeff Saturday.

Now I don’t remember the two plays to Bryan Fletcher, but I do remember the one to Reggie Wayne, where he fumbled it into the air and caught it again. 
3 o clock in the bloody morning my neighbour said to me the next day and you guess why in a minute.

I remember seeing Saturday shove “Who ate all the Pies” outta Addai’s way, and screamed come on at the top of my voice as we took the lead.

At this time i didn’t know that Brady had never thrown a TD to win a game before.  I’m frantically pacing my living room, barely being able to even peek at the screen. 

You all know what comes next, Interception, We’re going to the Superbowl. 

All colts fans screamed get in, or words to that effect, I’m sure i weren’t the only one around the world, but I did cry, so much my mum had to cuddle me afterwards. 

All that to see Devin Hester take one back to the house. :)

I also promised myself if Peyton ever put the fans through that again I’d give him a slap, (well he did win the game to be fair).

On Addai’s TD i woke up two doors down, they were not happy the next day. 

Hope you enjoyed this, I certainly did reciting it.


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