Horseshoe Diaries, Volume 1

Earlier this week I asked Colts Authority readers to share their personal Colts stories with us. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that no one would respond, perhaps not wanting to be ‘the first’ to put themselves out there. My fears were quickly alleviated as many of you have already shared or said you will soon share your stories with us. My deepest thanks to all of you! 

Our first submission comes from reader Nick, a Colts fan living behind enemy lines in New England. After the jump, we’ll read his story.

From Nick:

I’ve spent most of my life growing up in New England – yes – I am surrounded by some of the worst fan bases in the country. Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots… It can be quite painful though I did enjoy this past year quite a bit. I am anti-New England sports just because I love the competition. I also spent a few years living right outside Erie, Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh. This is also where Bob Sanders is from.

2003 was the first year I was really able to comprehend the sport and understand what was going on, it also happens that this was the year the Patriots met the Colts in the AFC Championship game for the first time. Here is where my passion for the horseshoe sprouted. Now it continued to bloom over the years and by the time 2005 had rolled around I was starting to know the players and the team. Here they met the Steelers in a crushing playoff loss that came down to that shank by #13.

How many times could my fragile heart be broken? Disappointment after disappointment. Little did I know the moment I had been waiting for was just around the corner. Just one year away. As you all know, the Colts played the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game the following year which ultimately sent Peyton and the INDIANAPOLIS Colts to the Superbowl for the first time after one heck of a playoff run.

This night was an emotional roller coaster, I don’t know if I have ever experienced so many emotions in such a short time . I remember watching Jeff Saturday make “The Block” that sent Addai into the end zone. Now it was Brady’s turn. I just remember sitting there watching that final offensive drive by the Patriots, as soon as they stepped onto the field I instantly began balling. It was over, I was certain the Patriots were going to Miami. One minute, that was more than enough time, all it took was another huge play.

That play came, when Marlin Jackson stepped in front of that ball, the knot in my throat was swallowed, they had done it



Thank you Nick for sharing your story with us! We’ll be back next Friday with more from tales from the Horseshoe Diaries, please keep ’em coming!