Former Colts Slot Receiver Anthony Gonzalez Released by Patriots

Less than three months ago the New England Patriots snatched up Anthony Gonzalez after he was allowed to enter free agency. Now he finds himself looking for a job once again.

Although it seems unlikely that the Colts would choose to re-sign Gonzalez during the summer while they’re spending time getting young receivers acclimated to Bruce Arians new offensive system, making such a move could be a low risk, high reward scenario.

At no point in Gonzo’s career has their been a legitimate question about his abilities as an NFL receiver. He is fast, has reliable hands, and works extremely hard during the off-season to build a rapport with his quarterback. The only question surrounding Gonzalez is whether or not his run with injuries has come to an end.

Would it be worth it to grab the veteran receiver for little more than the vet minimum and replace one of the lesser wide receiver candidates during training camp? A group of wide receivers like Wayne, Collie, Gonzalez, Hilton, and Avery sounds very solid while younger hopefuls like Jabin Sambrano, Griff Whalen, and LaVon Brazill attempt to get themselves acclimated to NFL-level competition.

The worst that could happen for Gonzalez is that he suffer another injury. If that happened very little would be lost. If he managed to stay healthy, on the other hand, he would be a starting caliber receiver for very cheap. I don’t expect the Colts to make a play for Gonzo but he’s certainly worth some real thought and discussion in the front office.