Five Ways Manning Changed Football in Indy

My old nemesis friend troll buddy Kerry Byrne has been hard on Peyton this week, so he gave me the chance to respond.

My favorite quote:

Football fans might know Dunlevy from his great Colts blog, the former and now We had the grave misfortune of meeting Dunlevy in Indianapolis a few days before the Super Bowl. We thought that Dunlevy and his drunken corn-farmer mates were going to prison shank us in the hotel room because we had the temerity once to imply that Manning did not in fact invent Tecmo Bowl.

Turns out Dunlevy was not the toothless, straw-eating, overall-wearing inbred we had envisioned during countless late night email debates. We’d show you his photo, but decorum prohibits us from the cruel and unusual punishment of our readers. Overall, pretty good guy, though. Loves pork tenderloin sandwiches. Loves history. And he loves him some Peyton Manning.


Speaking of friends of the site, check out this legendary art by Matt Hasenbalg, designer of both Blue Blood and Invincible, Indiana covers.