Fed Up Isn’t Fair Weather

Paying for ten games when all you get is eight.

Having your team’s franchise player tossed aside in favor of a new guy.

Watching all your favorite players uncerimoniously cut late on a Friday afternoon.

Watching your team bed down with the Indy Star to the detriment of other media sources.

Maybe fans are just sick of it.

In light of the Colts disasterously stupid decision to announce they were going to voluntarily black out games (Greg Cowan did a nice job breaking down the blackout issue, and I’m not going to rehash his fine points), Bob Kravitz wrote the following defense of the team:

And I don’t buy the idea the Colts have abandoned their fans. If anything, the fans abandoned the Colts. I’m talking about the fair-weather fans who bailed the minute Peyton Manning walked out the door. The Colts have given them more than a decade of excellence, but the minute the team fell, a lot of fans scattered.

Bob continues to miss the point as he has for months.


Many, many people don’t agree with him that cutting Peyton Manning was the “only” move. 

There is a huge segment of Colts fans that are just sour on the team. We all get “why” the team did what it did. Smart move or dumb move is besides the point.

A lot of people love Peyton BECAUSE of what he did for the Colts. When they tossed him aside and callously talked about building a new culture, unconsiously pissing on a decade of brilliance in exchange for “building a monster”, they alienated a lot fans.

Being angry about the way the Colts franchise has behaved over the past six months doesn’t make someone a fairweather fan.

It makes them a real, passionate one.

Some danced on the grave of Bill Polian, and were all too happy to see the past wiped away. They now have the termity to question the loyalty of those who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more.

Some of the biggest Colts fans I know are the angriest right now.

Many of us love the Colts. That doesn’t mean we have to blindly support the way the club has behaved. For the record, I still have my season tickets. I’d say you’d have to pry them from my cold dead hands, but by that time my son will have them and will beat your ass if you try and take them.

That aside, I understand the anger and the antipathy of those who are just sick of hearing how freaking wonderful everything is now that Peyton is gone and how we’ll have a real team and how awesome Andrew Luck is.

Kravitz, for his part, just needs to accept that a lot of people flat disagree with him. They aren’t dispassionate. They are angry. It has nothing to do with what’s smart or prudent or what will set the team up for 15 years.

It has to do with Peyton F. Manning.

He was way more than laundry to us.