Eyes in the Backfield – Bears

12 Things to Watch for in Sunday’s Colts-Bears Game

Come on now! That’s not so scary is it?

This year’s Eyes in the Backfield will be a collaborative effort with Kyle Rodriguez and Todd Smith. Should be fun so without further delay here’s our 12 (that’s right folks) tips for you this weekend:

1. Watch for the visor. Austin Collie is still limited in practice and said he’s “Day to day”. With an injury as serious as Collie’s, I don’t get how day to day enters into it. He’s either ok or he’s not. If he’s sort of ok, he’s not ok. OK?

2. Watch for the ruse. We all know Freeney and Mathis have been quiet in the preseason and camp. It’s entirely possible that the Colts have been playing possum schematically. If so, they could break out in a big way against the Bears, combining to form one scary-ass marsupial.

3. Watch for rookie mistakes. Andrew Luck has looked nothing like a rookie so far but this week things get much more difficult. While he’s been fantastic temper your enthusiasm because the kid is going to make some mistakes at some point. He deserves a chance to improve. Given how good he is now an improvement should strike fear in the hearts of his opponents.

4. Watch the negotiated pocket. If there is one thing that can keep the Colts close, it’s Andrew Luck’s ability manipulate the pocket and buy himself time downfield. Watch not only his drop, but his movement laterally and vertically without taking his eyes off the down field targets.

5. Watch the third wideout. Alshon Jeffery has been a boon to the Bears offense, and he’s going up against possibly the worst regular corner in football in Justin King. This is the biggest mismatch on the field, and no matter how well Powers and Davis play, if the Bears go three wide, they’ll always have a man open. While you’re at it, watch for Bob Sanders and Kelvin Hayden. I mean, don’t, because they don’t play for the Colts anymore. But what if they did? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Sigh.

6. Watch for glowing eyes. I still can’t get past Dwight Freeney as the meanest possum alive. *shiver*.

7. Watch for the walkers. The Bears defense is awfully close to trading their snarl for a nice set of dentures. Brian Urlacher is probable for this weekend but he may lead the defense to the early bird buffett rather than a triumphant romp through the Colts offensive line.

8. Watch for the quiet inferiority complex. Bears fans have been intensely jealous of the Colts for years. We had mirror image defenses, but the Colts had Manning and therefore Super Bowl rings. Bears fans have this weird complex about wanting to beat the Colts as if somehow each successive win would erase the enduring image of Rex Grossman flinging aimless passes toward Kelvin Hayden and Bob Sanders.

9. Watch for Julius Peppers. We all know he loves the pursuit and the Colts offensive line loves to watch the pass rush. They sure aren’t stopping it so they’ll at least have good seats for the show.

10. Watch for no name defenders. Of course, anytime the secondary gets beyond the starters, we have no idea who is going to be out there and they probably won’t be even acceptable, much less good. However, there are some unknowns that have some potential at other positions, such as starter Jerrell Freeman at ILB, starting for Pat Angerer, and Mario Addison who will be spelling Freeney throughout the game.

11. Watch for some attitude. Vontae Davis will likely be shadowing Brandon Marshall throughout the game, and it very well could get chippy. Neither player is known for his maturity, and the former teammates aren’t going to pull any punches on their debut for their respective teams.

12. Watch the butt kicking. There’s no lipstick for this pig. The Colts will be good again, and soon, but soon is not this week. Bears 31 Colts 13.