[UPDATE] Dwayne Allen Signs, Coby Fleener Signs Hours Later

Although he did miss the first day of workouts with the rest of the rookies, Dwayne Allen won’t be missing any more time due to a contract dispute, as he signed his rookie contract this afternoon. Allen says he’s ready for fall workouts, and he should be. There’s no reason why Allen and Fleener should have missed any time today, especially since the players surrounding them, in terms of draft position, have been signed for days.

Sure, missing today probably isn’t going to hurt them at all in the future, but the fact that the Colts waited until the very last minute to sign them, and actually caused them to miss a day, is concerning for future contract negotiations. 

I do expect Fleener to sign tonight, so he doesn’t miss any more time either. Expect him to sign within the next couple hours and report to tomorrow’s workout. 

Details are not available, but Allen’s slot is a four year, $3.2 million contract with a $834k signing bonus. Fleener’s deal is expected to be about $5.3 million with a signing bonus of $2.3 million. Fleener is the sole second round pick to remain unsigned, along with several first, third, and one fifth round pick still negotiating as well.


Coby Fleener has announced, via his Twitter account, that he has agreed to a contract with the Colts. Now all of the Colts’ draft picks have been signed. Fleener and Allen may have missed some pre-camp workouts today, but they’ll be all ready for the official start of training camp on the 29th.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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