Covering the AFC South

The AFC South is a fascinating division. It hosts two of the leagues best defenses, and perhaps the most unstable quarterback situations in football. All four teams are facing major questions marks. Whoever answers their quarterback problems first and best could be in prime position to dominate the division for years.

For a long time, Colts fans barely had to worry about the rest of the AFC South, but now more than ever they need to stay up and informed on the other teams. The time of Indianapolis chalking up 12 wins and letting the rest of the South scramble for a Wild Card slot are over. When the Colts return to prominence, they’ll be competing against three other franchises that have done their part to become competitive.


This preamble is my way of announcing my new job.

I’ve been hired to be the AFC South Correspondent for Bleacher Report. I’ll be covering the division “Kuharsky-style” beginning March 15. The new site will have an easy to remember URL:

Bleacher Report has gone out of its way to hire some of the best writers around and has dramatically bolstered their stock of professional writers. For those who have been missing my daily missives, pine no more. I’ll be posting many times each day about all four teams in the South. My goal will be spread the gospel of smart football to fans of the Titans, Jags, Texans and Colts. I’ll be focusing on news and analysis as I try not only to please the fans of each team, but fans of the other teams looking for someone to give them the inside scoop on the rest of the division.

I’ll be doing pieces like “The Advanced Stat of the Week”, where each day I apply an advanced metric to one of the teams, explaining how an understanding of it can help you do better analysis of the team. The AFC South Blog will be a place for news, but with the same kind of higher level analysis you’ve been getting from and for the past 5 years.

Obviously, writing impartially about the South is very different than what I do here at Colts Authority.  I don’t believe there is anyone who writes ‘without bias’. You all know my biases well. I believe that in journalism, announced biases are the way to go. I always seek to tell the truth, and I think fans of the other teams will come to realize that being fair-minded is my highest value as a writer.

Still, there are plenty of things that I can only say to Colts fans. Articles like the one I wrote this week, are obviously out of place in a division blog. I will always need a place to speak directly to Colts fans in an unfiltered way. My writing schedule at Colts Authority will not change. You’ll still be able to find me here twice a week. You’ll still get my post-game column on Monday. Eyes in the Backfield will live here on Colts Authority, though possibly as a radio show (Brett and I will keep you posted).

As a co-founder of, I’m invested emotionally and financially in the success of this site. Writing professionally for Bleacher Report is an incredible opportunity, and one that I think will benefit you, the reader.

Thanks for all your support for this site, and for me personally. You’ve made this step possible by showing up every day for a long time. I hope to repay you with all the fresh content you can handle.

See you there in two weeks!