Colts to Fire Bill and Chris Polian

Nate Dunlevy provides his perspective on the tip that Colts owner Jim Irsay will announce the firing of Bill and Chris Polian at a 5:00 PM press conference this afternoon.


At 5 PM Jim Irsay will announce that Bill and Chris Polian are being relieved of their duties.

The news was first reported by Chris Mortensen of ESPN and has been independently verified. 

Jim Caldwell has not been fired, and his fate will be determined by the new front office.

According to sources, Irsay has been considering the move for weeks. I believe the primary problem to be growing tensions within the Colts front office. The negative environment was too much for Irsay to overlook. One losing season alone would not have been enough to lead to this result were it not for the abrasive behavior of the Polians.

Obviously, a new front office will mean dramatic changes for the Colts going forward. While there is only so much roster turnover that can be done in one offseason, there is a good chance that the Colts will be almost unrecognizable in 2012. This decision does not necessarily decide the fate of Peyton Manning, as ultimately that will be up to Jim Irsay. One has to question why any top-line front office talent would consent to joining the Colts unless given complete control of the roster, however. Refusal to give control over the Manning decision to a new hire will virtually guarantee the Colts a second level talent.

This is a great day for local media, but there is very little chance the next regime will have anywhere near the success of the last one.

This is only the beginning. 

It’s going to be a long, hard offseason followed by a long 2012 season. 

The question is how long the road will be after that.

I fear it could stretch on for years. Andrew Luck had better be everything he is advertised to be. He is going to be the future of the Colts.