Colts Fan Creates Keepsake From Great Moments of the Past

It's hardly breaking news, but with most of the state snowed under, I thought you could all use a fun pick-me-up.

For the past several years, Colts fan Michael Dockins has been assembling a t-shirt collection from all the great moments in Indianapolis Colts' history.

The whole thing started when his wife got sick of all his shirts commemerating this division championship or that MVP season.

Michael decided to make a quilt out of all the shirts. The only problem was that he didn't have all the shirts he needed.

His wife's prodding lead him to do the opposite of what she intended. He started buying more shirts.

Through thrift stores and ebay, he compiled a collection of 25 shirts commemerating the following incredible moments in Colts' history.

He found the following shirts:

1-4) Colts logo on the 4 corners
5) 1987 Eastern Div. Champs
6) 1999 Eastern Div. Champs
7) 2003 AFC South Champs
8) Manning MVP 1
9) 2004 AFC South Champs
10) Manning MVP 2
11) NFL TD in a season record by Manning
12) NFL record for QB/WR TDs by Manning and Harrison
13) 2005 AFC South Champs
14) 2006 AFC South Champs
15) 2006 AFC Champs
16) 2006 SB Champs
17) SB MVP Manning
18) 1000 Receptions by Marvin
19) 2007 AFC South Champs
20) 2007 DPOY Sanders
21) Manning MVP 3
22) 2009 AFC South Champs
23) 2009 AFC Champs
24) Manning MVP 4
25) 2010 AFC South Champs
Even with all that work, he never did find the following: Lists of Pro Bowl players, Pro Bowl MVP,  1985 DPOY Duane Bickett, 1994 OROY Marshall Faulk, 1999 OROY Edge, other Manning or Marvin records.
I've been tracking his progress ever since the old 18to88 days, and the end result is spectacular.
Michael gives a special shout out to They are based in Louisville and put the final product together. Just fantastic work.