logo-power rankings - week 14

Colts Authority’s Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Week 12 is in the books, which means Colts Authority's Power Rankings are back! After the jump you'll find the teams ranked 1-32 based on our writers' aggregate rankings. Tell us what you think of our lunacy in the comments!

You can compare these week's rankings with our rankings last week.Slight change from previous weeks: No individual rankings. This will return next week, but I'm under the weather and not feeling up to doing tables and lists. Sorry:)

There ya have it!  Agree? Disagree? Have your own rankings you want to share? Do it in the comments below!

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Colts Authority writer Josh Boeke for the awesome Power Rankings Banner. He's getting a 75% raise! Congrats, Josh!

SPECIAL SPECIAL NOTE: I was also sick of looking at that bland old data table (as much as I love data tables), so I made up this nifty revamped power rankings chart.  This is Josh by the way.