Colts Authority Pumpkin Carving Contest!


Sorry for scaring you, but I really needed your attention! Now that I have it, Colts Authority would like to introduce their 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest™.

“What’s that,” you ask?  Great question, as always!

To get in the spirit of Halloween, to celebrate one awesome reader/pumpkin decorator, and to support the Colts ChuckStrong campaign, Colts Authority is asking our readers to send in their best Colts-related Pumpkin Carvings. All entries will be posted on the front page on October 31st. We’ll hold a vote that will end Monday, November 5th (2012, just to be clear) and the winner will receive one (1) piece of ChuckStrong gear (of their choosing).

“How do I enter?”  Gosh, you guys keep coming up with awesome questions, that’s why you’re the best readers in the internetverse.

It’s simple, really. Carve your pumpkin, take a picture of it, and attach said picture in an email to me at:

We look forward to seeing your pumpkins!