CA Conversations: Recapping the Colts’ win over the Dolphins

This week marks the first time that we at Colts Authority will be trying a new feature: Colts Authority Conversations, where the staff members discuss each game, and then share the conversation with you. 

This week, the Colts got a win against Miami, putting them in the drivers’ seat for a playoff spot. What did we think of the win? Find out after the jump, and let us know what you thought as well!


Todd Smith: Reggie Wayne: still good at football. It’s apparent that Wayne has to be considered the best receiver in the AFC at this moment.

Josh Boeke: Halftime thoughts: offensively the first half redefined the term one-dimensional, but it was an effective dimension thankfully. Luck’s best half of football this season, he’s been on point.

Todd Smith: What can Bruce Arians say to this team to get the defense back in it? They certainly have regressed and it’s clear there’s some serious personnel deficiencies. Some semblance of a pass rush would be a great start.


Kyle Rodriguez: I’m not one hundred percent positive… but I believe Greg is referring to the horrendous decision to not even let Luck take a shot at another play with 12 seconds left in the first half. If that is the case, I concur. No nice things for Arians.

Marco Gutierrez: I don’t see any future for this WRs. If it’s not a dropped pass, it’s a penalty. And that happens with both Hilton and Avery. Seriously. I don’t have the exact stats (sorry), but they’ve killed several drives. TY Hilton had an EASY TD. It’s so frustrating.

Marco Gutierrez: This D reminded me of my college football team. And that’s MEXICAN college football.

Josh Boeke: I’m not sure about the future of Hilton, he’s still a rookie and has shown some good along with the bad, but the Colts definitely need to target a WR in free agency, there should be several good ones available.

Scott Kacsmar: Think of T.Y. Hilton as Luck’s version of Jerome Pathon or E.G. Green. Those were the young receivers Peyton Manning played with, and while they had some talent, they were never going to be reliable starters. That’s why the Colts will have to search for their new Reggie Wayne to play alongside Reggie Wayne, who has become the Marvin Harrison of the offense.

Todd Smith: Does anyone else find it interesting that Freeney’s best game came after the trade deadline? He was listless until this moment. He’s playing for a new contract somewhere.

Marcus Dugan: Freeney also said his ankle was doing better earlier this week. But I’m sure wondering if he’d be traded was getting in his head a little bit. The knowledge that he’s not part of the team’s long-term plans has to be affecting him as well.

Second Half

Marcus Dugan: Even when things went right for the Colts’ defense, they found a way to go wrong. Freeney had what looked like a sack fumble that turned into a 2 yard gain by an offensive lineman. When a sack fumble turns into a positive play, things just aren’t going well.

Todd Smith: Neither Carter nor Ballard has given me much of a reason to believe Donald Brown isn’t a better option at this moment. As soon as he’s 100% healthy Brown should be back in the starting lineup without question.

Brett Mock: I am at the game. What I see from here is that our single safety look defenses are getting abused. Offensively, unforced errors and mistakes still haunt us. Giving away touchdowns and failing to execute when plays are there to be made is the difference between this team burrying Miami and taking its place amomgst the NFL elite and scrapping for a spot as NFL average.

Kyle Rodriguez: The single high safety look hasn’t looked good on the tube either. Whenever they allow a big pass over the top/on the sideline is becuase of a single safety.

Greg Cowan: that touchdown to Hilton is the most ridiculous thing ever. I’ve been feeling a bit emo, as a fan, with how penalties and bounces have gone for (or against) the Colts this week, but that was out of control luck (lowercase) scale. Miscommunication between RB and QB, Luck seems slightly confused, bad blocking, bad throw, but it all works out. WE CAN BUILD ON THIS!

Todd Smith: While the story tomorrow clearly will be Luck’s heroic, record-setting day should the Colts win the real secret would actually be the three defensive stops they got in the second half. There were two to start the half and a critical stop with 4:00 to go. If they win that will be the story no one writes. Well, that is unless we write it.

Post Game

Marcus Dugan: Since both teams were expected to be bottom feeders this season, there was a feeling for many that the winner of this game would prove to be the team that’s for real. This was a huge game for the Colts to come out on top. A little luck and a whole lotta Luck (“Whole Lotta Luck” was almost my recap headline).

Scott Kacsmar: Luck tied or set so many records today, it will take a while for me to recap them all. What a game.

Greg Cowan: On the air, so have to be somewhat short, but today was the day for me. I’m all-in. Expectations are there for this team this year. I’m sold. Not on the overall talent on the team, but on Luck. He’s good enough to put them in position to win every week.

What Luck did today on 3rd downs… I can’t even put it in to words how impressed I was with him today.

Josh Boeke: Obviously Luck was the story but I was also impressed with some of the other rookies. I liked Dwayne Allen a lot before the season but I think I may be in love now, jersey is in the mail. Hilton had some rough moments in the first half but I really respect the way he came back in the second and made some huge plays, that jump ball TD chief among them; I also like that Luck didn’t write him off after a couple bad drops but kept coming back to him, it paid off. Vick Ballard had another solid effort against a top 5 rush defense, his run to put the game on ice speaks volumes about the kind of player he is, just wouldn’t go down, pushing the pile for 15 extra yards.

A couple other story lines: still no takeaways for a 5th straight game, it’s a minor miracle they are winning without any extra possessions at all. I don’t know the severity of the injuries of Powers, Mathis, Justice, and Satele, but it they end up missing considerable time (Brown also disappeared after the first series and didn’t return) that will be tough to overcome, the roster keeps getting thinner. I do like Shipley though, think he did a good job again in place of Samson.

Marcus Dugan: The whole line improved on run blocking in the 2nd half. They had 11 carries for 22 yards and finished with 97. I think after Reitz settled down (and possibly after Shipley came in – did he stay in?), the line started plowing the road. Pass pro was still kind of shaky, but we saw some clean pockets.


There was much more that we talked about this week, but over 3000 words is far more than any of us really want to read through. Let us know if you enjoyed this feature, and your thoughts on the game!

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