BREAKING: Colts acquire CB Vontae Davis from Miami

After days of teasing the a deal, Jim Irsay’s Colts pulled the trigger on a deal that sent a 2013 2nd-round draft pick and a conditional 2013 6th-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for CB Vontae Davis. Davis, who weighs in at 5’11” and 205lbs, was the Dolphins 1st-round selection in the 2009 draft. Now 24-years old, Davis played 44 of a possible 48 games, and has hauled in 9 interceptions in his 3 years with the Dolphins.

Our take after the jump:

That the Colts were (and probably still are) desperate for help at the CB position should come as a surprise to no one who is paying attention. GM Grigson’s strategy of throwing 100 warm bodies at the position has yet to yield anyone who looks worthy of more than the 4th or 5th spot on the depth chart, and Saturday’s injury to starter Jerraud Powers certainly did nothing to alleviate those concerns.

But the bigger question, in our mind, is: does it matter? While the Colts have surely shown some promise during the preseason, even the most optimistic of Colts fans has to realize that the 2012 Colts are not one piece away from contention. And while CB is definitely one of their most pressing needs, one has to wonder if protecting the future of the franchise, Andrew Luck, shouldn’t have been the higher priority, leaving CB (and S, and DE, and ILB) for the 2013 draft and off-season.

And this is to say nothing of Davis himself. Davis is a good player, who, by all accounts, has tons of talent and untapped potential. So why, to this point, has Davis been little more than a good, solid player, as opposed to a dynamic, play-making CB? The answer seems to be maturity.

So while a Davis-Powers (should he be able to get, and remain, healthy) would certainly stabilize the Colts CB situation, is a Davis, with all of his questions and potential baggage, worth a 2nd-round pick?

In today’s NFL climate, my immediate reaction is no. The Colts were able to nab Coby Fleener with their 2nd round pick this year: a dynamic tight end who will be a match-up nightmare for opposing defenses for years to come. The player the Colts could have potentially drafted with their 2013 2nd round pick would have been younger, under contract for longer (Davis has 2 years left on his rookie contract), potentially more dynamic, and with fewer question marks.

That said, Davis will be an immediate, vast improvement over anyone else the Colts would have trotted out at CB this year. He should be a good fit in the Colts scheme, and, again, the Colts will have stabilized their CB in the short term, allowing Grigson to focus his attention on other, more glaring needs. So while I believe Grigson overpaid for Davis, I also don’t believe the Colts or their fans will look back on this trade with bitterness or disdain.