Announcing the Winner of the Haiku Contest

For the past week, we’ve been running a contest here at Colts Authority.

The best Colts themed Haiku will win a football autographed by Andrew Luck courtesy of Quaker Oats.

The Quaker Oats Company is the official hot cereal sponsor of the National Football League, and throughout the relationship, Quaker and the NFL will team up in an effort to help families live healthier lifestyles through nourishing foods and physical activity, complementing the goals of NFL PLAY 60. Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck makes it a priority to eat a hearty breakfast, like Quaker oatmeal, as part of his morning routine to fuel up for the day and recently collaborated with Quaker at the NFL PLAY 60 Youth Football Festival to help motivate young athletes to be active and choose wholesome foods.

We encouraged readers to go to  Facebook and give Quaker Oats a ‘like’, then come back here to enter a haiku in the comments.

We had more than 200 total poems entered, and most of them were outstanding.

Here are my top ten favorites.

The first seven are in no particular order. I judged all poems based on how hard they made me laugh or say, “oooh…awesome”. It’s obviously a fair system, I know. There were another two dozen that didn’t make the top ten that when I read them I thought might be a winner. The overall quality was outstanding.



Luck learns audibles,

Peyton brings Broncos to Luke:

Three hours of silence?



Mister Suggestion:

In-and-go! (Almost a pick.)

Corner! (Nicely done.)



Why “Build the Monster,”

When we can “do what we do?”

Dungy reigns supreme.


Music Man

 Manning and winning,

Went hand in hand. Kind of like,

Horseshoes and good Luck

(special recognition for the best use of Luck as a pun!)



Oh Chandler Harnish

Keep in mind the the hallowed goals

Supermodels, boats

(This killed me.)



I want a signed ball

But not a Kerry on shirt

It’s first place or bust!

(I’ll admit it, the fact that I know Roger probably kept this out of the top three. If you want a program, Roger, fire me an email and I’ll send you one. This made me laugh hard.)



In rebuilding year,

Irsay’s new goal is simple…

“I’m trending worldwide!”


Now for the top three. Winners should email their addresses to me at

THIRD PLACE-2006 Super Bowl Program


Tip, turn, snag… drag feet.

Hobbs, Vrabel can only watch:

One lone touchdown spike.


SECOND PLACE-a Keep Calm Kerry On shirt (medium) and a copy of the 2006 Super Bowl program


Jersey collection

Not just building the monster

building wardrobe too!


AAAAAAND The Grand Prize Winner:


For each Harrison

An equal and opposite:



So congrats to Ryan, whose overall perfromance was astounding. I also loved this ‘Mr. Suggestion’ haiku, and that probably would have won if not for the Harrison one. I didn’t give him extra credit for all the entires, but I think we can all agree that justice was done here today.