BREAKING: Andrew Luck Signed to 4-Year Deal

With just 10 days until training camp, the Colts and Andrew Luck have done what most of us expected: agreed upon a contract prior to contract, putting any fears of missed camp time for the rookie quarterback to rest. 

Luck’s contract should be nearly identical to last year’s number one pick, Cam Newton (Breakdown of his deal can be found here). This would put it at four years, $22 million, with a $14.5 million signing bonus. As has been discussed far too much already, the fully guaranteed contract will likely contain no offset language, meaning that if the Colts cut Luck at any point, they are still on the hook for the entire $22 million, despite whether or not Luck is signed by another team. 

Of course, if the Colts cut Luck, they will have much bigger problems than finishing off a moderate contract. 

The contract is a four year deal, but does include a fifth year option for the team. However, as was discussed on Colts Authority Radio last night, the fifth year is usually just used as a time when a long term extension is worked out, and the money is similar to a franchise tag. 

Hopefully, we’re discussing this in another four years, as Andrew Luck proves he is the quarterback to direct this team for the next era of Colts Football. 

UPDATE: Here is a picture of Andrew Luck actually putting the name on the dotted line.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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