2012 NFL Draft Profile: Marvin McNutt

Marvin McNutt is one of the likely targets for the Colts in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. At 6-3, 215 pounds, McNutt possesses the size that Colts fans have been dreaming of at wide receiver for years, and comes from a school that has been very productive for the Colts, the University of Iowa. Former Hawkeyes-turned-Colts include Bob Sanders, Dallas Clark, and Pat Angerer; would McNutt turn into a similar star in Indianapolis?


-McNutt has very good hands, large, soft mits that have been described as “silent” when the ball hits them.
-McNutt runs great routes, and his experience as a quarterback for most of his life has led him to excel against zone coverages, having a unique sense of where the soft spot in the zone is.
-McNutt’s size and hands have led to him being a great weapon in the redzone, leading to his team high 12 receiving touchdowns, nearly half of the team’s 25.


– McNutt doesn’t have blazing speed or incredible explosiveness, and therefore isn’t quite as good against man coverage as he is against zone.
– Has average athleticism, not a Fitzgerald or Megatron, similar to Garcon without Garcon’s speed.
– He has struggled in blocking at times, although this is a minor issue, it is one to consider.

How He Fits With the Colts:

The Colts are awfully thin at WR for 2012, even with the resigning of Reggie Wayne over the first week of free agency. With that in mind, McNutt will be one of the key targets for the Colts in the middle rounds of the draft. Although McNutt is not as explosive or fast as the ideal receiver for the Colts, he does have strong initial quickness and fantastic hands. His speed, while not quite as fast as ex-Colt Pierre Garcon (40 Times: 4.54 vs. 4.42), he is faster than somebody like Mohamed Sanu (4.67).

Although the Colts may want to look for a more explosive receiver to stretch the field, McNutt would be a guy who could be trained to eventually replace Reggie Wayne as a sure-handed outside receiver excelling at intermediate and short routes, and McNutt’s size would give Luck an ideal weapon in the red zone.

Health Check by Laura Calaway

McNutt missed Spring practice in 2011 to undergo thumb and shoulder surgeries, both of which were described as not being serious, just “cleaning some stuff up.” McNutt played a full season in 2011, so appears to have suffered no lingering effects from whatever was cleaned.


Season Receptions Yards TDs
2008 1 11 0
2009 34 674 8
2010 53 861 8
2011 82 1315 12


Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 215 lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.54 seconds (21st among WRs)

Vertical Leap: 37″ (13th among WRs)

Broad Jump: 122″ or 10 ft, 2 in. (14th among WRs)

Shuttle: 4.07 seconds (5th among WRs)

Three Cone: 7.15 seconds (25th among WRs)

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