2012 Colts Authority Mock Draft Board 2.0 – FINAL with Player Visits

Every off-season, fans join in with experts to come up with their best idea of how the upcoming draft will turn out. Some try to pick for every team, effectively prognosticating the entire draft outcome, while others will focus just on the picks of their favorite team.

No matter which method is used, very few of the picks end up being right for the vast majority of those who make predictions. What follows, then, is a hybrid of which players I think should be on the Colts radar for each of their given picks based on a player’s value to Indianapolis and their likelihood to be around for the given pick. Those players listed higher at each pick are less likely to be around and offer higher value. Those listed lower are more likely to be around, still offer value, and might be more realistic.

1st Round:

QB Andrew Luck – Stanford – PROFILE – 6-foot 4-inches, 234 pounds, 4.64 40-yard dash

2nd Round:

TE Coby Fleener – Stanford – PROFILE – 6-foot 6-inches, 247 pounds, 4.45 40-yard dash (Pro Day), 27 bench reps
NT Dontari Poe – Memphis – PROFILE – 6-foot 4-inches, 346 pounds, 4.87 40-yard dash, 44 bench reps
DE Devon Still – Penn State – 6-foot 5-inches, 303 pounds, 5.00 40-yard dash
WR Stephen Hill – Georgia Tech – PROFILE – 6-foot 4-inches, 215 pounds, 4.36 40-yard dash
C Peter Konz – Wisconsin – 6-foot 5-inches, 314 pounds, 18 bench reps
DE Kendall Reyes – Connecticut – 6-foot 4-inches, 299 pounds, 4.79 40-yard dash, 36 bench reps
LB Shea McClellan – Boise State – 6-foot 3-inches, 260 pounds, 4.62 40-yard dash
G Kevin Zeitler – Wisconsin – 6-foot 4-inches, 314 pounds, 32 bench reps
WR Alshon Jeffery – South Carolina – 6-foot 3-inches, 216 pounds, 4.48 40-yard dash (Pro Day)
TE Dwayne Allen – Clemson – 6-foot 3-inches, 255 pounds, 4.89 40-yard dash, 27 bench repts
RB David Wilson – Virginia Tech – 5-foot 10-inches, 206 pounds, 4.40 40-yard dash

3rd Round:

CB Alfonzo Dennard – Nebraska – PROFILE –  5-foot 10-inches, 204 pounds, 4.51 40-yard dash
CB Jayron Hosley – Virginia Tech – 5-foot 10-inches, 178 pounds, 4.38 40-yard dash
CB Casey Hayward – Vanderbilt – 5-foot 11-inches, 192 pounds, 4.53 40-yard dash
LB Ronnell Lewis – Oklahoma – 6-foot 2-inches, 253 pounds, 4.69 40-yard dash, 36 bench reps
TE Orson Charles – Georgia – 6-foot 2-inches, 251 pounds, 35 bench reps
WR Mohamed Sanu – Rutgers –PROFILE – 6-foot 2-inches, 211 pounds, 4.67 40-yard dash
NT Alameda Ta’amu – Washington – 6-foot 3-inches, 348 pounds, 5.34 40-yard dash, 35 bench reps
CB Chase Minnifield – Virginia – PROFILE – 5-foot 10-inches, 183 pounds (Injured)
G Mitchell Schwartz – California – 6-foot 5-inches, 318 pounds, 23 bench reps
LB Tank Carder – TCU – 6-foot 2-inches, 236 pounds, 4.56 40-yard dash, 17 bench reps
DE Derek Wolfe – Cincinnati – 6-foot 5-inches, 295 pounds, 4.94 40-yard dash, 33 bench reps
S Brandon Taylor – LSU – 5-foot 11-inches, 209 pounds, 4.50 40-yard dash

4th Round:

WR Ryan Broyles – Oklahoma – 5-foot 10-inches, 192 pounds (Injured)
G Amini Silatolu – Midwestern State – 6-foot 4-inches, 311 pounds, 28 bench reps
NT Josh Chapman – Alabama – 6-foot 1-inch, 316 pounds
S George Iloka – Boise State – 6-foot 4-inches, 225 pounds, 4.59 40-yard dash
G Amini Silatolu – Midwestern State – 6-foot 4-inches, 311 pounds, 28 bench reps
CB Josh Norman – Coastal Carolina – 6-foot, 197 pounds, 4.56 40-yard dash
WR Joe Adams – Arkansas – 5-foot 11-inches, 179 pounds, 4.55 40-yard dash
TE Michael Egnew – Missouri – 6-foot 5-inches, 252 pounds, 4.62 40-yard dash
WR Marvin McNutt – Iowa – PROFILE – 6-foot 3-inches, 216 pounds, 4.54 40-yard dash
RB Isaiah Pead – Cincinnati – 5-foot 10-inches, 197 pounds, 4.41 40-yard dash

5th Round: (2 Picks)

S Antonio Allen – South Carolina – 6-foot 1-inch, 210 pounds, 4.62 40-yard dash
NT Hebron Fangupo – BYU – 6-foot 1-inch, 323 pounds, 36 bench reps
TE Evan Rodriguez – Temple – 6-foot 3-inches, 250 pounds, 4.58 40-yard dash, 18 bench reps
G Levy Adcock – Oklahoma State – 6-foot 5-inches, 318 pounds
LB Carmen Messina – New Mexico – 6-foot 2-inches, 236 pounds
DE Kheeston Randall – Texas – 6-foot 5-inches, 293 pounds, 5.00 40-yard dash, 28 bench reps
WR Greg Childs – Arkansas – 6-foot 3-inches, 219 pounds, 4.39 40-yard dash
S Winston Guy Jr. – Kentucky – 6-foot 1-inch, 218 pounds, 4.65 40-yard dash
WR Tommy Streeter – Miami – 6-foot 5-inches, 219 pounds, 4.40 40-yard dash
WR T.J. Graham – NC State – 5-foot 11-inches, 188 pounds, 4.41 40-yard dash
WR Jarius Wright – Arkansas – 5-foot 10-inches, 182 pounds, 4.42 40-yard dash
CB Asa Jackson – Cal Poly – 5-foot 10-inches, 191 pounds, 4.50 40-yard dash
WR Danny Coale – Virginia Tech – 6-foot, 201 pounds, 4.50 40-yard dash
G Joe Looney – Wake Forest – 6-foot 3-inches, 309 pounds, 5.02 40-yard dash, 26 bench reps
TE James Hanna – Oklahoma – 6-foot 4-inches, 252 pounds, 4.49 40-yard dash
LB Cordarro Law – Southern Miss – 6-foot 2-inches, 261 pounds
NT Nicolas Jean-Baptiste – Baylor – 6-foot 1-inches, 335 pounds

6th Round:

WR Tommy Streeter – Miami – 6-foot 5-inches, 219 pounds, 4.40 40-yard dash
S Tavon Wilson – Illinois – 6-foot, 205 pounds
CB Tashaun Gipson – Wyoming – 6-foot, 195 pounds
CB Omar Bolden – Arizona State – 5-foot 10-inches, 202 pounds, 4.59 40-yard dash (Pro Day)
LB Ronnie Thornton – Southern Miss – 6-foot 1-inch, 247 pounds
LB Adrien Cole – Louisiana Tech – 5-foot 11-inches, 250 pounds
G Lonnie Edwards – Texas Tech – 6-foot 4-inches, 322 pounds
G Stephen Good – Oklahoma – 6-foot 6-inches, 299 pounds
TE George Bryan – N.C. State – 6-foot 5-inches, 265 pounds, 4.77 40-yard dash
WR Jordan White – Western Michigan – 6-foot, 208 pounds, 4.69 40-yard dash
K Randy Bullock – Texas A&M – 5-foot 9-inches, 212 pounds

7th Round: (3 picks)

CB Keith Tandy – West Virginia – 5-foot 10-inches, 202 pounds
NT Akiem Nicks – Regina (Canada) – 6-foot 5-inches, 318 pounds, 5.21 40-yard dash
DE Matt Conrath – Virginia – 6-foot 7-inches, 270 pounds
S Charles Mitchell – Mississippi State – 5-foot 11-inches, 202 pounds
S Matt Merletti – North Carolina – 5-foot 11-inches, 200 pounds
LB Korey Williams – Southern Miss – 6-foot 2-inches, 243 pounds
LB Josh Linam – Central Florida – 6-foot 2-inches, 245 pounds
G Art Forst – Rutgers – 6-foot 8-inches, 310 pounds
FB Joe Halahuni – Oregon State – 6-foot 2-inches, 255 pounds
WR Dale Moss – S.D. State – 6-foot 3-inches, 220 pounds, 4.45 40-yard dash
WR Chris Owusu – Stanford – 6-foot, 196 pounds, 4.36 40-yard dash (Medical)
WR Jermaine Kearse – Washington – 6-foot 1-inch, 209 pounds, 4.58 40-yard dash

Please keep in mind that the value of players in each round will fluctuate on the basis of who the Colts are able to get with their prior picks, trades, or other moves. I will do my best to keep updating this list and making it a resource for fans who would like ot have an idea what kind of players are available to fill the open spots and open roles in the Colts new offensive and defensive schemes.


For those wondering how I would like the draft to play out, here is a more traditional team-centered mock draft.


(1) Pick 1 – QB Andrew Luck
(2) Pick 34 – TE Coby Fleener
(3) Pick 64 – CB Chase Minnifield
(4) Pick 97 – WR Ryan Broyles
(5) Pick 136 – NT Hebron Fangupo
(5) Pick 170 – LB Cordarro Law
(6) Pick 206 – K Randy Bullock
(7) Pick 208 – DE Matt Conrath
(7) Pick 214 – FB Joe Halahuni
(7) Pick 253 – WR Dale Moss


BPA Mock Draft – Drafting the best players for the strongest team in 2013 and beyond (Rankings from CBSSports.com)


(1) Pick 1 – QB Andrew Luck
(2) Pick 34 – DE Devon Still (Fleener gone)
(3) Pick 64 – LB Ronnell Lewis
(4) Pick 97 – WR Ryan Broyles
(5) Pick 136 – S Antonio Allen
(5) Pick 170 – TE/FB Evan Rodriguez
(6) Pick 206 – TE James Hanna
(7) Pick 208 – CB Keith Tandy
(7) Pick 214 – NT Akiem Nicks
(7) Pick 253 – K Randy Bullock



Although the number of players who visit teams prior to the draft who actually end up with the teams they visited varies, particularly when this situation is approached by fans and analysts of only one of the teams these players visited, it is worthwhile to keep track of who team general managers are wanting to take a look at. Hopefully, these names and players, along with some information about each of them, should give fans an idea what areas of the team Ryan Grigson is taking a close look at, and where in the draft he hopes to get great value in those areas — or in undrafted free agency.

1) Stanford QB Andrew Luck — There is little more than can be said about Luck. His visit with the team was simply because he will be joining the Colts in a week. He had a chance to meet staff and personnel, maybe have some kind of discussions about what direction the offense will be going, and possibly share his thoughts and concerns about the responsibility he faces joining Peyton Manning’s old team.

Projected – #1 Overall

2) Texas A&M RB Cyrus Gray — Gray is the kind of running back who likes to make a cut, sometimes cutting the ball back against the flow of the play to get up field and pick up some extra yards. His running style is not the hopping, left-to-right elusive style of some NFL running backs but is the kind that can be effective behind the right blocking scheme. He played running back in college and used to be a quarterback, so his developmental upside is likely still there with more experience running the football. At 5’10”, 206 pounds he will likely not be an every down back, although his receiving skills make him an all-purpose player who could develop into a Kevin Faulk-like role in a committee.

Projected Rounds – 4th-5th Round

Videos – Versus Iowa State, Breakout Year 2010

3) Florida International WR T.Y. Hilton – The 5-foot 10-inch, 183 pounds Hilton is a super speedy receiver who projects as a NFL slot receiver and return specialist. In many ways, a decent comparison for Hilton is Chiefs receiver Dexter McCluster who used his speed and athletic ability to be an offensive weapon for Ole Miss in college. Hilton can be used on end around and misdirection plays because his speed, 4.34 at his Pro Day, will punish defenses who over-commit. All 32 teams attended his Pro Day and this small school receiver has a chance to make a difference in the NFL.

Projected Rounds – 4th-5th Round

Videos – Versus Louisville, Draft Preview

4) Cincinnati TE Adrien Robinson – The 6-foot 4-inch, 264 pound Robinson is an athletic freak of nature. Although Isaiah Pead garned a lot of attention from NFL Scout, Robinson lit up his Pro Day by running unnofficial 40-yard times of 4.51 and 4.58. Throw in a 39.5-inch vertical leap and broad jump of 11-feet 3-inches and it becomes really clear why Robinson has caught the league’s attention. The Colts had an early leg up on Robinson because he played football at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis. Do not be surprised if he ends up with the team for training camp. Of course, a lot of other teams will have their eye on him in the late rounds as well.

Projected Rounds – 6th-7th

Videos – 72-yard Catch, TD vs USF, TD vs Syracuse

5) East Carolina OT Steven Baker – At 6-foot 8-inches tall and 310 pounds, Baker brings a lot of size to the table. He doesn’t bring a great deal of experience, would be a raw NFL prospects who has played on both sides of the football and only started one year at offensive tackle for East Carolina. He will very likely go undrafted and be a project player if the Colts decide to grab him.

Projected Rounds – 7th-UDFA

6) Purdue OT Dennis Kelly -Kelly is another very long tackle prospect at 6-foot 8-inches and 321 pounds. He was a co-captain in 2011 and the offensive MVP at Purdue in 2010. Kelly also was a member of the Academic All Big 10 in 2009. He brings size, experience at left tackle in college, and surprising strength for a player his size. He put up 30 bench reps at his Pro Day, a really good number. He projects as a right tackle in the NFL.

Projected Rounds – 7th-UDFA

Videos – Pro Day Interview

7) Miami (Ohio) G Brandon Brooks -Brooks is a very large guard prospect at 6-foot 5-inches and 345 pounds. He excels as a run blcoker and is particularly comfortable working in zone blocking schemes. He could use some work using his arms and hands as a pass blocker but does not make a lot of mistakes with his feet.

Projected Rounds – 6th-UDFA

Videos – Draft Prospect Video

8) Delaware G/C Gino Gradkowksi – Gradkowksi is a name that may be familiar to some as Gino’s brother Bruce plays quarterback in the NFL. Gino was a transfer from West Virginia to Delaware after a red-shirt freshman year and an inability to get onto the field. At Delaware he started games at right guard, left guard, and center. He was a team captain and projects as a backup guard in the NFL or a center. He works hard to improve and is technically polished. He put up 29 bench reps at his Pro Day.

Projected Rounds – 5th-6th

9) LSU DT Michael Brockers – At 6-foot 6-inches and 322 pounds, Brockers is the more productive version of a Dontari Poe against far superior competition. By that I mean that Brockers is a physical freak with upside potential that is attracting attention and interest from teams all over the league. Where he will be drafted is hard to say partially because his talent is still raw for the NFL — he left LSU after only his red shirt sophomore season — and because his production was limited only to 2011. He shows a great ability to move down the line against the run and has started to show some natural pass rushing skills, although he put up only 2 sacks last year.

Projected Rounds – 1st-2nd

Videos – LSU vs Georgia, LSU vs Alabama

10) Virginia DE Matt Conrath – Conrath was a player without a good position in Virginia’s 4-3 defensive front. He is 6-foot 7-inches tall and weighs 281 pounds. He excels as rushing the passer, shows excellent vision, and batted down numerous passes during his college career. He projects as a 3-4 defensive end without 3-4 defensive end experience. This makes him a late round project prospect who shows the natural athletic ability to be effective and will need to serve as a backup or practice squad player until he is ready technically and schematically to take on a bigger role.

Projected Rounds – 7th-UDFA

Videos – Draft Profile

11) Boise State DE Tyrone Crawford -At 6-foot 4-inches tall and 275 pounds, Crawford is the kind of physical defensive line/linebacker hybrid that a coach like Chuck Pagano loves. What makes him intriguing is that he has limited football experience, which would require spending some time behind other players until he can pick up scheme, football nuance, and some fumdamental that should make him more effective. Athletically, he is ready to play against NFL-caliber competition. It’s the Xs and Os that are not there yet and will need to be developed.

Projected Rounds – 3rd-4th

Videos – Highlights

12) Vanderbilt OLB Tim Fugger – While Fugger (Fewger) spent his time at defensive end with Vanderbilt, at 6-foot 3-inches and 248 pounds he will more likely be used as an outside linebacker if he joins the Colts in Chuck Pagano’s defensive system. He is known as a hard-working pass rusher with the vision to bat down passes from his defensive end role. He has displayed a spin move rushing the passer. Should be able to develop into a zone defender and pass rusher at linebacker and will projects as a solid special teams contributor.

Projected Rounds -6th-UDFA

13) Louisiana-Lafayette CB Dwight Bentley – Bentley is a slender cornerback who uses his fluid hips, quickness, and 4.43 speed to make plays on the football. He is 5-foot 10-inches and 180 pounds, which means he will need to add some bulk if he hopes to have the ability to move outside to cover outside receivers in the NFL. His experience is mainly playing off-man coverage where he can use his eyes to read and react to the quarterback’s release. He likes to be aggressive to make big plays and force turnovers.

Projected Rounds – 3rd-4th

Videos – LLU vs. SDSU

14) Albion CB Chris Greenwood – At 6-foot 1-inch and 195 pounds, Greenwood is the kind of athlete NFL scouts will take a close look at and potentially bring into a pro camp to develop. He struggles a bit with his hips and footwork but is an excellent straight-line runner who has NFL caliber cornerback speed. There is little doubt that he would require some work to play corner in the NFL and that it may take him a couple of years to be ready to cover NFL level receivers — Albion is a D-III program. One has to wonder whether he could put on some weight and move to safety.

Projected Rounds – 6th-UDFA

Videos – Highlights

15) North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins -While Jenkins is only 5-foot 10-inches tall and 183 pounds, he is one of the top cornerback prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft. His character concerns, including two drug-related arrests and another for fighting at Florida resulted in his dismissal from the program despite his prowess on the football field. If he moves beyond his legal and character issues he projects as a cover corner in the NFL with incredible potential. If he is unable to resolve his issues off of the field, they will derail his professional career and potentially limit his ability to grow as a player.

Projected Rounds – 1st-2nd

Videos – 2010 Draft Analysis

16) Montana CB/S Trumaine Johnson -Not unlike Jenkins, Johnson has some off-field concerns that have affected his collegiate career. Unlike Jenkins, Johnson is a physically imposing defensive back at 6-foot 2-inches and 204 pounds. His size and weight limit his speed, which could force a transition to safety. His weakness in man coverage and trouble handling speedy receiver who run right at him make the move even more likely.

Projected Rounds – 2nd-3rd

Videos – Highlights

17) Illinois S Tavon Wilson – At 6-foot 205 pounds Wilson is the ideal size for an NFL safety. His strengths are as a special teams contributor and situational pass rusher. His weaknesses are that his football instincts and coverage skills would need real work if he has to be relied upon significantly on the field in the NFL. He projects more as a backup safety and special teams playmaker.

Projected Rounds – 6th-7th

18) San Diego State P Brian Stahovich -Stahovich put up impressive averages at San Diego State, including a significant number of punts exceeding 50 yards. He also did a great job of getting hang time to allow coverage units to effectively stifle returns. With a player like Pat McAfee already under contract, one has to wonder whether Stahovich was brought in for practice squad consideration or if McAfee is being considered as the team’s primary kicker in 2012.

Projected Rounds – 7th-UDFA