2012 Colts Training Camp UPDATE

For most of us, Andrew Luck is still an enigma. 

Luck hasn’t been seen by the large majority of Colts fans, save for TV interviews and Bob Kravitz’ fantastic profile. The rest of the rookies are unknowns as well, not to mention the new coaching staff, free agent additions, and the overall look of the 2012 Colts. 

The best place to change that is training camp. The Colts start training camp on July 29th, and a large portion of that is open to the public. At Colts Authority, we encourage anybody in the area to make the effort to drive over to Anderson University and spend some time at training camp. 

Watch the practice, get some autographs, and mingle with other Colts fans. We’ll have people in Anderson throughout the three week period; I might even drive down from Michigan to catch either a practice or preseason game. I’m thinking a CA meet-and-greet would work well at this type of atmosphere. 

Anyway, the Colts recently released the schedule on their website, and we encourage you to check it out. Find a day that works for you and see what you can learn about the completely new Colts.

UPDATE: As Phil B. Wilson pointed out only the afternoon practices are going to be open to the public this year. In years past, fans could go to morning and afternoon practices, spending a day at camp. This year, the public will be allowed into “Colts City” on most days from 12:50 PM to 5:00 PM. The exceptions are August 7th and 16th, where the public practice will be from 5:30 PM to 9:40 PM, and on Friday, the 17th (last day of training camp) when it will solely be a morning practice. 

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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