2012 Colts Salary Cap Page – Summer Update

Although there are still unsigned rookie contracts to be settled prior to the start of training camp, I took the time to update the team roster and salary cap features at Colts Authority. While I cannot guarantee that all numbers are absolutely correct, I have done my best to get very close and give our readers a close look into where the team is with regard to salary cap management in 2012-2014. As the season gets underway, I will be adding numbers for 2015 to the salary cap page.

Colts Authority welcomes you to use these features as a resource to answer roster and salary questions for team discussions online and in person.

2012 – $124.7 million Salary Cap : $129.7 million Committed : $-5.0 million Cap Space $14.23 million Off-Season Cap Space

2013 – $120.6 million Salary Cap : $63 million Committed : $57.6 million Cap Space

2014 – $120.6 million Salary Cap : $41.6 million Committed : $79 million Cap Space

There has been a potential increase in the 2014 salary cap, which received a great deal of attention during NFL-NFLPA discussions for the new collective bargaining agreement last summer. The basis of those discussions is that the NFL is set to receive significantly higher money via their agreement with television broadcasts than they had previously. The latest information surrounding that discussion suggests that the cap increases would be gradual and small relative to the increased television revenues. We will update future year salary cap amounts as soon as they are more concrete.