What Polian really said about Pat McAfee

Wow, talk about your non-stories.


That’s one thing we have to do, run the ball better, protect better, block for the run better and be a little more patient with the running game.  We have that.  We can run, there’s no question about that.  Joe (Addai) had a good day.  Brownie (Donald Brown) had a good day.  Delone (Carter), what little he got, did well.  We can be okay in that regard.  From a kicking game standpoint, I think Pat (McAfee) needs to take the next step.  He’s got a wonderful leg.  He’s a highly-competitive guy.  He’s very tough.  He needs to become a better directional punter and a better strategic punter, so we don’t put ourselves in position where we give up big yardage in returns because we out-kicked the coverage and things of that nature.  That’s an area we can improve on.  That’s largely an off-season project, but Pat’s a good enough athlete to do some of that now.