What if Tebow were Muslim?

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher and guest columnist Dick Hayhurst tells us to consider Tim Tebow’s faith within the context of our own lives.  He also asks us to consider how we’d behave were Tebow a Muslim:

Finally, ask yourself: what if Tim was Muslim? Then what kind of reaction would you have to all of this, my dear evangelical friend? Would he suddenly be a vessel of the devil? Would this terrify the country? Would his success give credence to the radical agenda? Would Focus on the Family start, out of love of course, a slandering ad campaign?

God does not favor the popular. He does not give preferential treatment to the celebrity. If he did, he would not be the God He is today. He humbles the proud, he lifts up the meek and he loves us all, sinner, saint, and sports hero the same—yesterday, today and forever. That is why he is an awesome God, not because Tim Tebow throws touchdowns for Him.

There are people with a heart for the Lord, just like Tim’s, around us every day. And there are people who are quiet and meek and content with thankless service as well.

As fellow believers, let us not continue some temporal media spectacle focused on production and sports celebrity. These things can evaporate like dew on morning grass.

Instead, let’s focus on the same boring, consistent, and yet oh-so-exciting promises that have always been in front of us—that God sent his only Son into this world to die for our sins so that through his death we might have peace with God and new life. If that doesn’t get you pumped up, nothing any sports star can do will.


Todd Smith

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