Week 14 Audibles

Fo comments on the games

Doug Farrar: The 20th was just a jump ball over the 5-8 Tim Jennings. I think that’s right next to Springs covering Smith deep in the new book, “Defective Defensive Concepts”.

Will: Colts were beat up – at one point both Lacey and Powers were out and Bethea shifted to corner. He was getting killed, but wasnt much else they could do. Talk after that was that Pierre Garcon was the next available CB.

Mike Tanier: The Broncos threw lots and lots of little slants to Marshall, trying to isolate him against one corner, or another, or the backups. In the second half, Lacey, Powers, and the backups did a good job of holding him to a lot of very short receptions. On one play, near the goalline, they threw to him across the middle, and I wondered why. Why not isolate him on the edge against a rookie/backup, instead of having him cut across the middle, where he had to deal with the linebackers in Cover-2? Sure enough, he was tackled for a short gain.

Will: I don’t watch the Broncos enough, but it seems like D.J. Williams is a dirty player. He made a couple really late hits, slugged both Addai and Manning in the head (one of which Fouts noted), and seemed to be jawing with lots of guys including his own team. That head punch has to be something the NFL is watching for with the head trauma discussions.