SuckForLuck a bad idea

Colts players hate the idea.  Dolphins fans would love to see the Colts win the Luck sweepstakes and give Manning the heave-ho. Vikings fans are ebulent to have re-entered the race for Luck. Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch remind the Rams not to take the bait:

After Sunday’s rather predictable loss to Cincinnati, the Rams’ record sank to a dismal 2-12, second worst in the NFL. What might have escaped some of your attention is thanks to the woeful Indianapolis Colts’ first victory of the season, with two weeks to play, your Rams are in a heated three-team race with the 1-13 Colts and 2-12 Minnesota Vikings for the No.1 pick in April’s draft.

That little bit of unfortunate news has set off a lot of second-guessing and downright idiotic speculation that the Rams ought to be “Losing for Luck,” as in intentionally tanking games for the chance to draft Andrew Luck, the Stanford quarterback who most draft experts are tabbing as the odds-on No.1 pick. These disgruntled folks with short memories want the Rams to tank their last two games, then hope that the Colts mess up and win their last two, which would allow the Rams to kick Sam Bradford to the curb and draft Luck with the 2012 No.1 pick.

These people, of course, are idiots.